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To compliment our PCB Assembly Services, we provide a full in-house Product Design Service.  We assist with Concept design, research, technology development, electronic product development, electronic circuit design, pcb design, embedded software, prototype building, design for manufacture, CE-Mark testing, UL-Approvals, cost-reduction exercises, PC Application Programming, custom enclosure design, rapid prototyping, injection mould tool design.  Typical in-house technology includes:-

  • Electronic circuit schematic capture and PCB design using PADS
  • Embedded programming in C, C++ or native assembler
  • PIC, ATMEL, ARM, Texas, Analogue Devices
  • RF Design - 3G, GPRS, GPS, Zigbee, point to point using 433MHz or 2.4GHz - embedded designs.
  • VHDL - Programmable gate Arrays
  • Analogue circuit design
  • Instrumentation
  • High Speed Circuits
  • Power supplies
  • Data transmission - via wire, fibre-optic as well as wireless
  • Communication - USB, CAN-Bus, Ethernet, RS-485

A full product design service all under one roof.  As with our PCB Assembly service, everything we do is managed under our ISO-9001:2008 quality system.

Sub-contract Electronics Assembly

When you want to get a new product to market - you want to be fast. You want to get it right. You want it to be the best on the market and you want it to be reliable.

Arrow provides a full product design and supply service which meets your expectations.

We compliment our design service with sub-contract electronics assembly to ensure the quality of our design is followed through in every unit we supply.

Sub-contract Electronics Assembly

Contract PCB/Electronics Assembly

For regular manufacturing contracts we provide a free technical support service to make sure your product is always up to date and cost effective.

For a fast, friendly and professional approach to Product Engineering contact us and let us explain how we can help you get it right, fast and cost effectively.

  • PCB Board Assembly
  • Surface Mount PCB assemblies
  • PCB Design Service
  • Sub Contract Electronic Assembly
  • Analogue Electronics
  • Digital Electronics
  • Wireless-Communications
  • Data-Logging
  • Bespoke Instrumentation
  • Embedded Software and Testing for EMC compliance and CE-Marking
Contract PCB/Electronics Assembly

PCB Assembly

Arrow Technical Services Ltd is an electronic product design consultancy based in Sheffield.  From our PCB Assembly/design service through to our automated contract SMT assembly line we offer a fast and friendly service geared around getting your products to market.
PCB Assembly

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