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As distributors for the German-based Eltex GmbH, we can provide static elimination solutions. Eltex are renowned worldwide for their static elimination and static charging systems.

We supply an array of static elimination and control devices such as: 

  • static eliminator bars
  • static charging and discharging power supplies
  • static generators
  • ionising guns/blowers/nozzles

Electrostatics Repairs and Cleaning

If you are in need for electrostatic repairs and cleaning, our service technicians can repair your failing or faulty Eltex equipment in-house. If we cannot repair them, we can arrange for the units to go back to Eltex to be repaired in Germany.

We also offer an electrostatic cleaning service to ensure that nothing is getting in the way of the units performing to its full potential.

Electrostatics Repairs and Cleaning

Electrostatic Maintenance Service

If your equipment is in need of regular maintenance, we will advise you whether it can be done on site, or whether it must be sent to us for service or repair.

Our electrostatic maintenance service includes:

  • Quick turnaround on all equipment
  • Written quotation provided before any work carried out
  • Long-term maintenance contracts if needed
Electrostatic Maintenance Service

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