ART Elektromechanik-Vertriebs-GmbH


We, the A.R.T. Electromechanical-Vertriebs-GmbH, have an extensive range of products in the field mounting technique. From the spacing bolts, spacers and distance bolts on to distance bushings, expanding rivets or plastic expanding rivets and insulating bushes through to vibration dampers and much more, our customers find the fastening equipment they need.

You will find only high-quality printed spacers for printed circuit boards, spacer bolts, cable ties, etc. from reputable manufacturers such as Bivar, Richco and Heyma. Detailed descriptions for screw and washer assemblies, expanding rivets, insulating bushes and all other products you can find in our catalogues, which are partly also available as PDF for download.

We also have a wide range of light guides.

A.R.T. Elektromechanik-Vertriebs-GmbH

Whenever it comes to fixing, A.R.T. is your competent partner. If you have questions on vibration dampers, plastic expanding rivets, insulating bushes and Co – we’d like to advise you in detail.

If you do not find the suitable protection cap, combination screw or cable for your problem, we’d like to look together for a good solution - also custom solution.

Your A.R.T. Electromechanical-Vertriebs-GmbH

Our products: body-bound rivets of plastics, plastic nuts, plastic screws, insulating bushes, special-purpose screws, screw and washer assemblies, plastic washers, distance bushings, distance bolts, spacers for printed circuit boards (pcb)

A.R.T. Elektromechanik-Vertriebs-GmbH
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