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Here at Artec Engineering, we have experience in all types of welding and fabrication, such as stud welding, spot welding, Braze (silver solder), turning, metal polishing and spinning. We provide metal polishing on ferous and non ferous metals, such as aluminium and brass.

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  1. Metal Fabrication

    Metal Fabrication
    Metal Fabrication encompasses every area of Artec Engineering's expertise. Whether your need is for a small one-off job or batch work, and whether you have a simple sketch or full engineering drawings, we can fulfil your requirement. Artec Engineering have Metal Fabricators experienced in all types of metal welding and metal fabrication, such as stud welding, spot welding, Braze (silver solder), turning, metal spinning and polishing. We handle ferrous and non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium and brass and have coded welders to ASME IX standard using Mig (metal inert gas) welding, Tig (tungsten inert gas) welding. Here are just some of the materials used:

    Nimonic alloy 623
    310 stainless steel
    304 stainless steel
    316 stainless steel
    Mild steel
    310 cast stainless steel

    At Artec Engineering, we're confident that whatever your Metal Fabrication needs are, we can exceed your expectations. Get in touch to discuss your project today.
  2. Metal Forming

    Metal Forming
    Metal Forming is part of the Metal Spinning Process. Artec Engineering's Metal Formers use a modern approach called flow forming, or shear forming. With Shear forming, variation in wall thickness can be achieved and helps manufacturers achieve complex shapes typically required by the aerospace, automotive, nuclear, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

    The key difference between standard metal spinning and flow forming is that conventional metal spinning starts with a 'spinners blank' and produces a part roughly the same diameter as the blank. With flow forming, the thickness of the material is worked upon resulting in a component where the material is thinner than the original blank and can adopt a more complex shape.

    Other methods of Metal Forming round metal parts include the likes of forging - where metal is shaped using localised compression, casting - pouring liquid metal into a mould, hydroforming - which uses a specialised die under pressure from hydraulic fluid, and stamping - which effectively punches a shape out of a sheet of metal.

    Rest assured that Artec Engineering's Metal Spinning process involves an array of techniques chosen specifically for your project.
  3. Metal Polishing

    Metal Polishing
    Metal Polishing is critical operation in our production for the food/pharmaceutical industries. Artec Engineering use a range of polishing machines and techniques variable dependant on the specification and type of job being produced. Artec are able to guarantee an extremely high level of finish expected in the food/pharmaceutical industries. As well as meeting the specific grades for these industries, our Metal Polishing techniques on our Metal Spinning projects for other industries are equally as important for aesthetic reasons.
  4. Metal Spinning

    Metal Spinning
    Artec Engineering's Metal Spinning Services are not restricted to standard metals. Artec have completed numerous projects with exotic metals. We take into consideration the characteristics of each material, its capabilities and its limits. Artec have spun parts and components destined for the most testing of applications, such as nuclear power stations and aerospace applications. Specifications are adhered to and met to the absolute finest of tolerances to ensure that the materials and fabrication processes withstand the stresses of the intended environment. Artec have worked with:

    Aluminium spinning
    Brass spinning
    Copper spinning
    Mild Steel spinning
    Stainless Steel spinning
    Titanium alloy spinning
    Inconnel Spinning
    Hastalloy Spinning
    Monel Spinning
    Corten Spinning
  5. Metal Welding

    Metal Welding
    Metal Welding standards and qualifications are of the highest importance to ensure your project meets requirements. Artec Engineering are hot on the tails of the latest metal welding & metal fabrication standards. Our Metal Welders have over half a century of experience with the most complex of tasks. Whatever level of welding your project requires, Artec will meet the relevant standards. If specific metal welding coding and procedures are required, Artec Engineering are happy to provide a full quotation.