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Along side our primary activity of corrosion test chambers we now offer a non-UKAS accredited, independent corrosion testing service.

Compared to commercially operated test-houses our costs are relatively low in comparison, but our testing remains competitive. Our testing is undertaken in strict accordance with international corrosion test standards and detailed test results are issued.

To simulate harsh environments, our corrosive test equipment allows the replication of these conditions into just a few days and weeks of quantitive testing.

Salt Spray

Our salt spray cabinets and chambers are one of the world's most modern and versatile salt spray corrosion test systems. We have chambers to cover every testing requirement you have, from continuous salt spray test through to condensation humidity and modified tests.

Additional features of Premium Salt Spray Chambers:

  • Touch-screen, full color user control interface, employing the latest version of our highly intuitive operating software, for ease of programming and use.
  • The operating software has a very large capacity for the creation of complex multi-step test programmes, so that the widest possible range of test profiles can be accommodated.
  • The icon based control interface offers a variety of languages built-in for ease of understanding and use.
  • RJ45 communications port enabling the chamber to be wired or wirelessly connected to a local area network (LAN) for logging and remote programming via a computer running optional software.
  • A real-time, user configurable ‘clock’ to enable different test samples to be batched and have their exposure time monitored separately, with alarms to warn when a pre-set test period has been completed.

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Salt Spray

CCT Chambers

Ascott cyclic corrosion test chambers - one of the world’s most sophisticated and versatile corrosion test systems available - with the design and quality that’s right for today’s laboratory environment.

Three model sizes:
450 Ltr (15.8 cu ft) - the ever popular
1000 Ltr (35.3 cu ft) - big enough for most samples
2000 Ltr (70.6 cu ft) - for the very largest samples

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CCT Chambers

Chamber Selector

Choosing a corrosion test chamber here at Ascott is designed to be a simple task.

We have made it easy for you to select the size of chamber and then choose up to five specific standard corrision tests that you want to perform. 

You will then be presented with the chamber reference and any optional facilities required for particular tests chosen. We'll also tell you if it's not possible to perform all the tests in one chamber.

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