ASH Display Solutions


ASH Plastics provides a variety of different and diverse manufacturing facilities. We supply point of sale displays to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Our key business ethic is versatility. We offer solutions from design all the way through to production.

Our exciting facilities provide capabilities for point of sale opportunities. They include vacuum forming, injection moulding and art laser CNC routers. We also offer semi-automated line bender and diamond polishers.


ASH Plastics offer the ability to build prototypes in the early stages of design. This fabrication service includes rebating, scoring, etching, engraving, curves, cut-outs, diamond and flame polishing.

Our prototypes can be created in-house where we can cut and shape, drill, glue and assemble a variety of fixtures. Our fabrication service means that once the prototypes are complete you can quickly move on to full production.  

Laser and CNC Cutting

Using laser and CNC cutting technology, our laser cutting abilities offer an accurate and professional finish. We provide polished edges, and our laser cutting delivers high quality products.

We have invested in a new laser CNC with 3000mm x 2000mm Twin Table and 1000 watt. That means we can provide better lead-times and further competitive quotes. We still use our older models of cutters and aim to provide a variation of options for laser and CNC cutting capabilities.


At ASH Plastics, our in-house team offer various thermoforming techniques. We provide vacuum forming, dome blowing and drape forming. We also offer clarkes sheet heater facilities. These are used to develop particular shapes with plastic materials.

Our thermoforming capabilities mean we can create unique solutions for your design.


Through established relations with other print companies, ASH Plastics can offer a variety of printing solutions. Our links with our printing partners mean we offer our customers quality service.

We create projects using hand screenprinting beds and semi-automated screenprinting. We also have the abilities to create using pad and digital printing.

Design - Solidworks

ASH Plastics invested in Solidworks to aid visual and design ideas. It enables us to provide detailed drawings to our global customers and those closer to home.

Drawings created using Solidworks enable us to generate an accurate sample of your design. This means that less time is spent in development and your project moves quickly.

Bespoke Display Solutions

With over 33 years of experience, ASH Plastics have become a leader amongst manufacturers and suppliers of POS, marketing and display options.

Our bespoke display solutions offer a variety of cut and formed panels and we supply to various sections of industry. We provide a range of fabrication services for your bespoke display solutions and can transform your ideas into reality.

Bespoke Packaging

We offer bespoke packaging and manufacturing. We take your concepts and then our in-house design team take your ideas from design to delivery.

Our experienced teams understand the importance of protecting and nurturing your displays through the entire process. We ensure we work to deadlines and deliver bespoke packaging projects to meet your requirements.

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