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Ashfield Springs Ltd are the UK's leading torsion, extension and compression spring manufacturers and spring suppliers with a global reputation for excellence. We specialise in the manufacture of compression springs, and with over 30 years experience as an 'A' class supplier we supply many global manufacturers in Europe, USA, India, China and Australia.

We offer a proven solution to your annual procurement and scheduled delivery requirements and our supply chain expertise provides significant improvements across the procurement process, with an emphasis on continual improvement and building successful long-term customer and supplier relationships. 

We continue to set the standard by which you should measure the level of customer service you receive from your current spring supplier and we see your satisfaction as being paramount to our success. Over 90% of our customers say our service is excellent and 100% would recommend us as a spring supplier

    Bobbio CNC 800 S
  1. Ashfield Springs Ltd, The UK's leading compression spring manufacturer and supplier. Visit for more information.

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