Ashridge Trees Ltd


We specialise in trees and shrubs for hedges. In addition to all of the sturdy native hedge plants, we also grow plants for ornamental borders and decorative edging, such as Lavender Plants and Rose Bushes.

You can buy most of our hedge plants bareroot in winter and a selected range year round in pots. Bareroot plants are the cheapest and easiest to handle.

Mature Trees for Sale in Large Standard Sizes

We deliver mature, bareroot trees in standard sizes for forestry, parkland and gardens. Large trees are delivered in winter planting season.

Our range includes all of the Native British trees and selections of the best ornamental varieties, such as Cherry Blossom trees.

Mature Trees for Sale in Large Standard Sizes

Fruit Trees & Soft Fruit Bushes

We grow a wide range of top fruit plants, including one of the best ranges of Apple trees in the country. You can also buy pear, cherry, plum, damson, fig, medlar and quince trees from our nursery.

Browse our range of soft fruit bushes here.

Fruit Trees & Soft Fruit Bushes
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