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We are dedicated to renting out and providing high quality technical equipment to those who need it and offer experienced, technical advice on the best way to use it. We have an extensive range of environmental monitoring equipment available and specialise in analyzers, detectors, monitors, and samplers for a variety of environmental applications.

Customers rely on our comprehensive environmental monitoring equipment for use in VOC and hydrocarbon detection, groundwater sampling and perimeter air monitoring. Our expert technical support will help you to efficiently use our instrumentation and professionally maintain it.

Environmental Monitoring

We supply our customers with environmental monitoring instrumentation from many of the most trusted names in the industry including YSI and Geotech, as well as being official rental, sales and service distributors for RAE Systems products.

Our range of environmental monitoring equipment includes ambient and continuous air monitoring products such as ambient air analyzers and dust and particulate analyzers, as well as emissions monitoring equipment like sample conditioners and methane gas detectors for gas monitoring applications.

We also supply geophysical and survey equipment, landfill gas analysers, noise and vibration monitoring equipment, and soil analyzers. Additionally, we also provide a range of water quality and monitoring equipment designed to aid environmental consultants and engineers. 

Health & Safety

We have one of the most comprehensive selections of health and safety instrumentation in the industry and specialise in supplying samplers, monitors, analyzers, and detectors to occupational health and safety professionals, and hygienists in order for them to assess workplace air quality. We also supply a diversity of meters and analysers for personal air monitoring and testing for hazardous conditions and gases for workers in confined conditions.

Our range of health and safety equipment includes essential monitoring products for cleanroom applications, monitoring equipment for electrical power and HVAC monitoring equipment. We also have noise monitoring, thermal inspection and vibration instrumentation available, as well as toxic gas monitoring equipment.

We are now an official distributor of TSI Instruments products, who offer market-leading particle counters, dust monitors, indoor air quality monitors and respiratory fir testers.

Material testing (NDT)

We have a comprehensive range of materials testing (NDT) equipment suitable for use in the science and industry sector to assess materials without causing any damage.

Our materials testing (NDT) instrumentation includes flaw detection equipment for applications involving metals and welds and ultrasonic inspection equipment to evaluate steel, metal and other alloys.

We have eddy current instruments to reliably assess for small cracks and discontinuities near or at the material’s surface, and you can also rely on us to provide tank and vessel inspection equipment for your plant mechanical integrity program.

Visual Inspection (RVI)

We focus on carrying a diverse range of visual inspection (RVI) instrumentation such as speed imaging, industrial inspection, thermal imaging, and pipe and tube inspection equipment.

 Our variety of visual inspection (RVI) equipment can be supplied to offer high quality inspection and testing needed for any application and includes equipment from leading companies such as Olympus, GE Inspection Technologies, WOHLER and Minicam. Our range of equipment consists of high speed imaging cameras, videoprobes, pushrod drainage inspection systems and crawlers, and FLIR thermal inspection products – for which we are also official UK distributors for, be it by rental or sale.

CEMS and Protocol Gas

Our US and UK CEMS and protocol gas facilities are operated by our highly qualified teams of technicians who have over 40 years of combined experience in providing repair and calibration services, as well as turnkey solutions and technical support.

 Our CEMS and protocol gas division supply an array of emissions and ambient air monitoring equipment to rent and we have developed a QA/QC Test Facility to sustain optimum accuracy in protocol gas sampling.

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