Asianet UK Ltd

Asianet Bags give the scope to Package your products with a wide selection of films and bags. The Micro Perforated Bags give the freshness to the products with longer shelf life.

We specialise in the BOPP Bakery films and Micro Perforated bags in a very wide selection in Plain & Printed materials. Both the Bakery Films and Micro Perforated Bags are available in different sizes and widths in thickness form 18 to 45 microns.

We also manufacture Paper Bags with and without window sections for the Bakery Industry. The window sections are plain and Micro Perforated. We also make cake board and cake packaging cartons with accessories

We at Asianet Bags are able to manufacture a very wide variety of bags in many designs and different materials from ordinary LDPE to multi layer food films in BOPP with laminations.

Please see our appropriate brochures for full range of Asianet Bags with technical data of micro perforated bags and all other packaging and we would be pleased to have all your requirements for us to manufacture the perfect packaging for you. From Garment Laundry Covers, ordinary bags to any Special Bags.

Asianet UK Ltd Overview