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ASL is a market leader in M2M communications for the utility sector and has a complete portfolio of solutions for the smart metering market place.  Ranging from bespoke Comms Hub designs with multiple HAN interfaces to solid state SIMs with flexible contract terms to Connectivity Management with GPRS optimisation and disaster recovery. 

ASL can provide the forward thinking utility company with the right pieces for the puzzle to complete the smart metering jigsaw.

Tailored Solutions in M2M

We are specialists in the provision of tailored solutions in M2M markets, and in particular the utility industry both at home and abroad. Our tailored solutions in M2M markets include solutions to connect assets in the field, backed with multiple back office systems.   Out tailored solution in M2M are designed to answer requirements for:
  • Standard or bespoke hardware
  • SIM provisioning
  • Connectivity management products

We have a wide range of products including communication hubs, GSM network communications using GPRS, and plastic and solid state SIM's.

Tailored Solutions in M2M

ASLH SatTrak+

Our ASLH SatTrak+ is primarily used to optimise data delivery, cost, latency, and volume. They are robust in design and are sealed. They include a replaceable battery pack or connectors for non self powered uses.

The ASLH SatTrak+ if used with the antennas that are inside the unit are self contained and are powered by 10-26V DC power supplies.

The data is retrieved through our servers and can be shown in many forms.

ASLH SatTrak+

Machine to Machine Technology (M2M)

We are a major supplier of machine to machine technology (M2M) directed to the public electricity suppliers and meter manufacturers.

Our machine to machine technology (M2M) is also integrated into the gas and water industries. We develop, design and make tailor-made equipment using GSM technology. We also other platforms such as GPS, ISDN, TCP/IP, UDP, CAN and other data logging and communications technologies.

 Machine to Machine Technology  (M2M)

GSM Signal Analyser

Our GSM signal analyser works by performing an on-air cell survey, finding cells for network and signal strength. You can also connect the GSM signal analyser to an external antenna as well.

The GSM signal analyser can work without a SIM card as they are network independent. The results are displayed on an LCD screen and the analyser is operated via a membrane keyboard.

Our GSM signal analyser is rechargeable and can be plugged into a cigarette lighter socket. The GSM signal analyser uses an internal microprocessor and has unrivalled functionality.

 GSM Signal Analyser

Delta Plus Wireless Modem

Our Delta Plus wireless modem is a new addition to our product range and they are designed for OEM integration into any metering or telemetry product.

The Delta Plus wireless modem allows access to data via the mobile phone networks and works like a traditional modem.

A suitable antenna can be fitted to the Delta Plus wireless modem and we can supply PCB antenna if you require. Please contact us for more information on the Delta Plus wireless modem.

 Delta Plus Wireless Modem

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