Aspanger Bergbau und Mineralwerke GmbH & Co KG


Since 1856, Aspanger Bergbau GmbH has been producing both a pure muscovite mica (Aspanger MICA) and a mica-quartz sand mixture (Aspanger ASPOLIT). On the one hand, Aspanger mica features the high level of purity of the mineral and the extremely fine grain size on the other.

The two main products, Aspanger MICA and Aspanger ASPOLIT, are used globally as high-performance fillers in the most diverse of industrial applications. Both fillers are sold for the most part via exclusive distribution partners not only in the core market of Europe, but also in North and South America and, for many years, in Asia, too.

Aspanger Bergbau und Mineralwerke GmbH & Co KG

In addition to the key industries of paints and lacquers, due to their wide variety of positive properties, both fillers are also used in the following sectors: plastics and adhesives, organic farming, cosmetics, construction chemistry, foundry industry and paper industry. The fillers give the material, among other things, better heat deflection temperature, improve flexural strength, increase abrasion and weather resistance and contribute significantly to reducing shrinkage and crack formation.

Aspanger Bergbau und Mineralwerke GmbH & Co KG
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