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Aspen Electronics Ltd was founded in the spring of 1974.  We are a distributor of state of the art test equipment & electronic components.  Initially we served the Wireless Comms, Broadcast and Defence industries, but today our customers encompass many more sectors, including Automotive, Avionics, Medical, Satellite Communications and Space.

One of the first companies Aspen represented was Bird Electronic, who later became Bird Technologies. We are proud of the fact that 40 years later, we still represent Bird, not only as their UK representative but as their European Service Centre and Stocking Distributor.

More recently Aspen was appointed as an Keysight Technologies distributor with Premium Partner status. This recognised our professional approach when supporting our customers, both pre and post sales.

Aspen Electronics product range consists of over 5,000 component types and 1,000 different items of test equipment; these figures are constantly increasing as our principals evolve their product ranges to meet customer needs. 

We use a 'consultative' sales approach when assisting customers, where the exchange of technical knowledge is key to providing them with the products they need and our specialist sales team has a wealth of expertise in their chosen fields.

Please contact us today & speak to one of our qualified engineers to discuss your application.


Being an Keysight Premium Partner we offer a wide range of Oscilloscopes including the Keysight 4000X, 3000X, 3000XT, 2000X, 6000A/L, 1000A/B, U270x series. For budget applications we can supply both analogue and digital oscilloscopes from GW Instek, and also PC based scopes.

RF & Microwave Power Meters

Aspen Electronics has been supplying the Bird Technologies Thruline® range of RF Wattmeters since it first started in 1974. Today we continue to offer both analogue and digital Thruline® Wattmeters, plus many other Bird Technologies products. 

Power Supplies and SMUs

With products from Keysight Technologies, TDK-Lambda, and GW Instek we have one of the widest ranges of Source Measure Units, AC and DC power supplies for bench and systems use available from a single distributor.

Arbitrary Waveform Generators

We provide Arbs from both Keysight Technologies and Tabor Electronics.  Tabor are one of the world’s leading designers of Arbitrary Waveform / Function Generators with a wide range of models covering applications up to 2.3Gs/s.

Spectrum Analysers

Aspen Electronics has the widest range of Spectrum Analysers available from one source. We are always willing to arrange a demonstration with multiple instruments to allow customer to contrast and compare instruments ensuring you find the best instrument for your application.


All types of Amplifiers from 2MHz to 110GHz. Low Noise, Limiting, Medium to High Power, no matter what your application we will have something suitable.

RF & Microwave Signal Sources

RF & Microwave Sources to 100GHz, including Phase Locked Oscillators, VCOs, Synthesisers plus GPS Disciplined Rubidium Reference Oscillators.

Waveguide Components

We can supply a wide range of waveguide components and accessories, with Waveguide sizes ranging from WR975 (0.75–1.12GHz) to WR5 (140-220GHz) plus Double Ridge from WRD250 (2.5-7.5GHz) to WRD750 (7.5-18GHz). 

Crystal Oscillators

From high performance crystals to Clock Oscillators, VCXOs, TCXOs, VC-TCXOs and OCXOs, Aspen can supply the Oscillator you need.

RF & Microwave Filters

For applications ranging from 500kHz to 40GHz in Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Band Reject (Notch) designs, plus Tuneable designs, we are happy to review all Filter requirements.

RF & Microwave Connectors, Adaptors and Cables

Ranging from low cost BNC, N-type and SMA Connectors to High Frequency 2.92mm, 2.4mm and 1.85mm designs, plus heritage designs such as HN, SC, LT and C-type to the latest miniature designs such as MCX, MMCX, SNP and SSMA Aspen can supply Connectors, Adaptors and Cables to your specification.

Rotary Joints

Coax Rotary Joints in Single Channel and Multi-Channel designs.  

Simple Single-Channel DC-18/40GHz designs, to application specific Multi-Channel, Coaxial/Waveguide Rotary Joints incorporating Slip Rings/Roll Rings.

Multi-Band Designs:  We can also offer direct replacements for older designs, plus we offer a full rebuild/renovation service.  Contact us with your requirements.

Switches & Switching Systems

Electromechanical and PIN Diode Switches for applications up to 60GHz and beyond from Charter Electronics and Keysight Technologies.  Connector options include, SMA, N-Type, 2.92mm, 2.4mm & 1.85mm.  Actuation and control voltages from 5V to 28VDC, including TTL control.

Configurations include SPDT, SP3T, Transfer, Bypass and Multiposition from 4PST to 12PST.

Also, Switch Matrices and Switching Systems for Test or Systems Applications with GPIB, USB, LAN and PXI control options.

Millimeter Wave Components

Focusing on the frequency range 40GHz and above, we can supply a wide range of millitmeter wave components including Low Noise and Power Amplifiers, Filters, Detectors, Oscillators, Detectors, Switches, Frequency Multipliers, Mixers, Antennas and many more products in coax and waveguide for systems or test applications.


Aspen offers a wide range of RF & Microwave, Surface Mount, Coaxial and Waveguide Mixers from Marki Microwave, including Double Balanced, Triple Balanced and Image Reject designs, plus a range of Millimeter wave Mixers going up to 110GHz.

In-House Design & Manufacture

With more than 40 years' experience of RF & Microwave Components & Systems, plus a well-equipped service facility, Aspen Electronics is able to design, manufacture and test "special to type" RF & Microwave Sub-Systems and Instrumentation products.

Examples Include:  

  1. A High Power (2W), 40GHz Phase Locked Source with Phase and Amplitude Control.
  2. A 3GHz Signal Generation and Conditioning System.

These represent just some of the products we have built to customer specifications.

Whatever your requirements, our dedicated and experienced design team are here to help and provide the right solutions for your needs.

In-House Design & Manufacture
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