Asphalt Burner Services

Here at Asphalt Burner Services, we have a high quality team of engineers to service burners within the industry. At Asphalt Burner Services, we are completely independent from any of the manufacturers. As a result of the many years of experience gained within the industry, we can service any type of burner.

Vulcan Burners

We supply an extensive range of Vulcan burners suitable for multi-fuel usage. Vulcan burners have the ability to switch from one fuel to another using a mechanical regulator to ensure the correct burner set-up. Our Vulcan burner range is able to minimise excess air and ensure asphalt is produced at an efficient level.

Features include:

  • Excess air limitation control
  • Optimum adjusting combustion chamber performance
  • Combustion box temperature sensor
  • Combustion air pressure with compensation control
  • Ambient air compensation
  • Airflow diagnostics
  • Inverter controlled burner blower
  • Manual and automatic temperature control
  • Dual fuel capacity (bolt-on facility for natural gas)
  • Fault diagnostics, with history log
  • 180° acoustically suppressed air inlets
  • Standard duel side facility
  • Integral burner support, air intake and blower conveying track
  • Sectional burner design to enable minimal manual handling
  • Independent twin bearing supported impeller
  • Easy impeller replacement
Vulcan Burners

Burner Servicing

We provide comprehensive burner servicing for almost any burner on the market. We provide a full service report and carry out your burner servicing without stopping plant production. Our skilled engineers can also work on dryers, feed and boxes, filter bags and ducting.

We provide a fast and efficient breakdown service and will provide spare parts to ensure you are up and running as soon as possible.

Burner Servicing

Plant Upgrades

We provide all types of plant upgrades to improve the performance of your asphalt plant.

Our plant upgrades include:

  • Dryer Lifters
  • Exhaust Reheat Systems
  • Reverse Air Inlet Chambers
  • Air Directors
  • Dryer Discharge Anti Air
  • End Box Seals
  • End Box Modifications
  • Acoustic Silencers
  • Fuel Meters
  • Pyrometer Installations
  • Control System Upgrades
  • Wear parts
Plant Upgrades

Fuel Efficiency

We specialise in fuel efficiency to ensure maximum efficiency in a climate of environmental considerations and high fuel costs. We offer expert advice on fuel efficiency, upgrades, heat loss and repairs. We will assist with adjustments and replacement parts to improve the performance of your burner.

Fuel Efficiency

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