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Aspire Electronics Ltd is a Broadline Distributor of Electronic Components based in Chichester West Sussex. The product ranges include:

Capacitors, Batteries, Resistors, Diodes, Rectifiers, Circuit Protection, Frequency Products, Connectors, Relays, Sounders, Terminal Blocks, Inductors, Magnetics, Semiconductors and Opto Semiconductors ie Leds and Displays etc.

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ANI: Spay Guns and Tyre Inflator

Aspire is the UK Sales Office for ANI spa of Verona Italy.

ANI make Spray Guns, Treatment Guns, Water Guns, Tyre Inflators, Filters, Regulators and Sand Blast Kits.

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Videos available on You Tube for ANI Spay Guns. 

Evox Riffa and Vishay Capacitors

We distribute the CTI ranges of Mains Capacitors, including X and Y Class up to 310VAC.


Manufacturing time approx 2 weeks typically.

Full list of approvals.

Samples and data available

Very Competitive prices.

High Quality parts.

Full cross reference avaialble.

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DC to DC Convertoers, Murata-XP

Aspire Electronics Ltd is the UK Factory Agent for Victor Power Inc DC to DC Converters.


Surface Mount and Through Hole.

Parts range from 1 Watt to 600 Watts

Competitive Prices and Short Leadtime

Cross referencing from Murata and XP to Victor Power

High Quality, Reliable parts Manufactured to a short lead-time.

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Relays, Sounders, Terminal Blocks and Leds

Aspire Electronics Ltd is an Authorised Distributor for IMO Precision Controls Ltd.

IMO Manufacture, Relays, Terminal Blocks, Plugable Terminal Blocks, Sounders and Leds.

They also produce Circuit Breakers, Switches, Din Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks and an extensive range of Control Equipment.

Samples and data availble now!

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Mosfet SSRs Opto Couplers, Triac Drivers, Mosfet Drivers, IGBT DRivers, Opto Semicondcutors

Aspire Electronics Ltd is the UK Factory agent for Solid State Optronics Inc (USA)

SSO as they are known, produce High Quality High Reliability Opto Semiconductors:

Mosfet Output SSRs

AC Output SSRs


Triac Drivers

Mosfet Drivers

IGBT Drivers

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Capacitors, Electrolytic, Nichicon, BC, Nippon, Vishay, Hittano, Samwha

Aspire Electronics Ltd is pleased to be a supplier of High Quality Electrolytic Capacitors.

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Spray Gun

Aspire is also the UK Sales Office for for ANI Spa of Verona Italy.

ANI Manufacture High Quality Air Products:

Spray Gun HVLP and Conventional, Tyre Inflator, Regulators, Filters, Water Guns and Treatment Guns see

Min and Full Size

DIY and Proffessional

All products are made in Italy and 100% tested in house, no far east connections!

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Duracell Batteries, Coin Cells, Battery Packs and Sealed Lead Acid.

Aspire is pleased to offer a Wide Range of Batteries, including:

Duracell Alkaline

Coin Cells

Custom Battery Packs

Sealed Lead Acids (Typically Yausa style)

23a Battery

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Aspire Electronics Ltd have currently stock TS556CD made by STM, current stock level is 2000 these are Rohs Compliant and available for same day shipping.

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ERNI Connectors and Cable Assemblies

Aspire Electronics Ltd are a supplier of High Quality Connectors and Cables by ERNI.

Product Ranges:

Connectors and Housings

Backplanes and Complete Systems

Electronic Systems

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Tape and Reel Services

Aspire Electronics Ltd offer a high quality fast turnaround on Component Tape and Reel Services.

We are able to convert compononts supplied either loose, bulk, on trays/waffle packs or tubes onto industry standard component reels. Ready for automatic assembly processes.

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