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Our refurbishment services include a range of Butler Elgamill machine spares. We combine Butler Elgamill machine spares with our highly qualified engineers and knowledge to bring you a range of services. They include machine rebuilding, mechanical and electrical retrofitting and refurbishment of machine elements.

We also have a range of loan heads available to help reduce downtime during the rebuild process and CNC retrofits using Siemens, Heidenhain and Fanuc controls. We can also relocate machines from a current site or at new premises and can be a part of a turnkey solution and ongoing process.

The benefits of machine refurbishment include:

  • Improved machine reliability
  • Extended the machine life cycle
  • Improvement of part quality
  • Shows your commitment to quality to both existing and potential customers
  • Reduction in production cost
  • Incorporation of the latest technology
  • More economical than complete replacement

HPF Machining Centre

The HPF machining centre is a milling machine with virtually unlimited X axis traverse and up to 2000mm Y axis traverses. The HPF machining centre has features including:

  • Modular design
  • Cast iron construction
  • Ballscrew drive to all axes (rack and pinion over 6 metres travel)
  • High response digital servo motors
  • Linear feedback to each axis

Solutions For The World's Most Demanding Machining Applications

We can supply you with solutions for the world's most demanding machining applications. We are a global leader in design, manufacture and installation of large machining centres.  

Our solutions for the world's most demanding machining applications are designed using cutting-edge Finite Element Analysis techniques, the latest PowerCentre, StarCentre and StarMill. Our machining includes vertical and horizontal and large capacity machining centres helping to provide optimum performance and maximum productivity.

5 Axis Machining

Our 5 axis machining has a travelling column floor-type machining centre, modular design and 5 axis machining featuring five-sided machining capability.

It also benefits from:

  • Choice of work support systems to enhance the machine versatility
  • Control systems from Heidenhain, Fanuc or Siemens
  • 40/50/60/100 station automatic tool changing

Powercentre 500

Our Powercentre 500 and range of horizontal milling machines consist of a modular design and cast iron construction.

Machinery like the Powercentre 500 also has all screw drive to all axes, high response digital servo motors and linear scale feedback on all axes giving high accuracy and repeatability.


Similar to the Powercentre, the Starcentre is based on the same modular design. The Starcentre has a range of benefits including a cast iron construction and ballscrew drive to all axes.

It also benefits from a high response digital servo motor and linear scale feedback on all axes to give accuracy on all axes of 0.020mm and 0.015mm. It also offers accurate repeatability.

Starmill 280

The Starmill 280, a travelling gantry vertical machining centre, includes a superior modular design and five-sided machining capability.

Starmill 280 also features a variety of work support systems to improve versatility and control systems from Siemens, Fanuc and Heidenhain. It also has a 40/50/60/100 station automatic tool changing facility.

Starcut 400

The Starcut 400 is another travelling gantry vertical machining centre and similar to the Starmill 280. It consists of a modular design and five-sided machining capability.

The Starcut 400 has various support systems available to enhance versatility and 40/50/60/100 station automatic tool changing system. It also features control systems from Fanuc, Heidenhain and Siemens.

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