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AES was established in 2009 with a focus on creating value for clients, using innovation,design and technology to bring new products to market or to extend the life-cycle of existing products.

With its origins in the UK manufacture of printed circuit boards for more than forty years, the AES ethos from the outset has been one of continuous improvement, investment and an open partnership approach with suppliers and clients who are actively encouraged to work closely with AES on an inclusive basis.

AES has enjoyed strong growth since its inception and has supplied electronic equipment to Silicon Valley in the USA, and electronics devices for applications as diverse as automotive lighting, airborne and underwater systems, and medical equipment and security devices.

Innovation and problem solving is at the heart of the business. The vibrant and creative culture within AES attracts corporate clients seeking a focused design and manufacturing partner that is able to grasp corporate requirements whilst remaining lean and responsive. The variety of projects stimulates innovation whilst exposing the design team to emerging technologies.

As a niched design and manufacturing company working at first and second tier level with blue chip clients in the design and manufacture of electronic and electro-mechanical systems, we add value to our clients helping them quickly bring their products to market, often transferring technologies from one sector to another.


The vision is to build a recognised centre of excellence around a strong, innovative team and to fill the innovation gap at our clients’ corporate table.

Product Innovation

AES delivers innovative thinking, technology and problem - solving to help clients bring their products to market, manage maturing products and extend product lifecycles through future proofing. Our capabilities help to identify research and challenge the business and end point needs of the product with the aim of developing technological solutions that speed up time to market or efficiently solve problems.

To help clients quickly bring new products to market that both address and anticipate customers' needs requires an electronic product innovation process that identifies and evaluates business, technology and manufacturing options and capitalises on rapid electronic product design technology advances.

We can provide the link between your R&D and Marketing teams to help define the product strategy and roadmap, keeping in mind your business objectives and the need to manage lifecycles, product updates and maintenance.

At each stage of the electronic product design and product development process we collaborate closely with clients and deploy a dedicated dynamic team of electronic, mechanical and software design specialists supported by a procurement and assembly team to ensure a smooth transition from concept to reality.

Product Innovation

Product Development

In any electronic product design and electronic product development process, the critical stage of turning concepts into commercially viable complete products requires close cooperation with your engineering and R&D teams. We work on a collaborative basis with our clients and external specialists. The multidisciplinary electronic product design and product development approach typically involves marketing, product stylists, and software / graphics and cad designers working from the outset with the electronics team.

Paramount to successful electronic product design and product development is the application of high quality systems engineering:  it is essential in delivering products which meet the final requirements and production timescales, and are to be manufactured at the right cost, maintainable and profitable.

The product design and development process typically involves most if not all of these key stages:

  • Product specification
  • Planning, estimating and project mapping
  • Feasibility study
  • Rapid Prototyping and modeling
  • Evaluation
  • Pre-production batch manufacture
  • Client sign-off and release for production

The demands for cost effective solutions in tight time frames led to a major commitment and investment in the ISO13485 medical quality standard.

This together with the ISO9001:2008 accreditation has driven the investment and continuous improvement culture that pervades AES.

Product Development


AES utilises leading technology, production and inspection equipment, and strict quality testing to produce products of the highest quality.

Key Stages

  • Development of a manufacturing plan – schedules, costs & timescales.
  • Strategic procurement is treated as an integral part of the development process.
  • Material quality, availability and future proofing are intrinsic to timely delivery and reliability in service.
  • Critical path times can be significantly reduced and delivered-component costs minimised through Pareto principles and scheduled procurement.
  • Testing and inspection - Where feasible, in process inspection is backed up with electrical testing.
  • Typically, finished product batches are 100% tested to agreed standards in accordance with our ISO 9001:2008  procedures.
  • Industry and process specific testing is completed to meet your specific requirements.
  • Packaging and logistics - Planning for packaging and logistics is considered from the outset to ensure safe and reliable transit and storage.

Enhanced Service

  • Rapid prototyping having design, software graphics and physical assembly under one roof – provides for an integrated service with minimal time to market.
  • ISO13485 – We apply higher quality standards to all projects not just the medical sector. Clients benefit from quality and consistency of manufacture.
  • Diverse design team – several nationalities with a range of complementary skill sets including graphics, software, telemetry, circuit design and mechanical engineering – the multidisciplinary team enables clients’ business needs to be readily understood and translated in to viable specifications.
  • In-house product assembly and testing – the transition from design to manufacture is smooth and efficient. Feedback from issues in production is fed back to the design team efficiently.
  • The integration of the design and manufacturing teams enables processes to be improved – design and manufacture of test rigs and automated or semi-automated equipment may be produced to speed up the manufacturing and testing processes.
  • Supply chain logistics – we monitor existing bills of materials and advise clients of components that are to become obsolete or scarce before they impact on their supplies.
  • AES is cultivating its development network – this gives clients access to a broader range of services and skills that may not be available in AES – specialist coatings, 3d visualisation, RF and specialist machining.
Enhanced Service

Project Management

Project management applies to both the innovative product design and to the subsequent manufacturing process. The electronic product design process flows through proven stages from specification through to pre-production.

Thereafter, the electronic product design project manufacturing process covers production and integration with outsourced elements from approved subcontractors. The AES model has flexible capacity. In-house manufacture of assembled printed circuit boards, wiring looms and enclosures is supplemented through the use of approved subcontractors.

In some cases, reciprocal agreements are in place. AES has developed a network of complimentary suppliers and these include metals and plastics fabrication, specialist machining [aerospace and general industrial machining], specialist coatings [thermal, fire and acoustic protection] and specialist wiring and subassemblies.

The electronic product design and manufacturing process including the project management and physical manufacture is audited regularly by external agencies. Several quality audits and approvals have been realised in the last twelve months including SGS; UL and client specific approvals.

Project Management

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