Asset Language Management

Established 7 years ago, ALM is a one-stop translation service, offering a comprehensive range of services (translation, project management, proofreading and editing, DTP, website localisation, translation memory software, specialised file formats, transcription and quality assurance) to meet even the most demanding translation requirements.


ALM works with over 1000 fully-tested translators covering European, Eastern European, Far Eastern and right to left reading languages in the fields of automotive, technical, engineering, legal, financial, medical, pharmaceutical, marketing, information technology areas and many more. ALM also has proven Desk Top Publishing experience in all these languages (InDesign/FrameMaker/QuarkXpress).


ALM is experienced in using Translation Memory Software. This software captures and 'remembers' text as it is translated, saving it for future use, which speeds up the translation process, ensures consistency and can save money. Find out how much you could save!


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Asset Language Management Overview