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Our fabric cutting products are used to cut a wide variety of materials including cotton and synthetic textiles, knitted fabrics, vinyl, carbon fibre, fibreglass and other composite ply cutting, leather, fabric, Kevlar vinyl or foam to be used in upholstery, clothing, beds, leather goods, car mats, aerospace and composite structures, airbags, composite ply cutting, carpet cutting and caravan interiors, inflatables and marine applications.

Our fabric cutting products include:


Upholstery needs to be cut -- whether leather, soft fabric, plain or pattern matched, foams or liners. If your frames are CNC cut you will know the accuracy this gives. Cutting your covers by CNC has the same benefit. We cut all fabric types accurately to not only save fabric and labour but also to make sewing and upholstery far easier and productive. The cutting machine is flexible and can cut soft covers or leather

We supply CAD software to design chairs in 3D or 2D and to obtain the template shapes and nest them to minimise waste.

Clothing and Fashion

We specialise in clothing and fashion design including 3D visualisation, pattern cutting, grading, sizing to fit, costing, made to measure, size charts, lay planning, spreading and cutting. Our clothing and fashion techniques use 3D body scanners to create made to measure garments.


Composites such as dry carbon, pre-pregs, Kevlar, and glass are used in an ever increasing number of applications. We use ply cutters in many applications giving high precision and maximum utilisation of the material. The cut panels can be picked manually or with robots to place the plies in the tool at high speed. Manual placing of composites is best done with laser guided assembly and supply both 2D and 3D laser projection systems.


Our cutters are used for all types of gasket materials, foams, cork, rubber, graphite's, and kevlar. We supply gasket cutter blades and cutting consumables together with full service for Bullmer, Zund and many other types of cutter and spreader.

car mats and carpets

Assyst Bullmer cutters cut all types of carpet to shape, they are used to cut car mats, caravan carpets, car interiors and boot linings, mobile home carpets.

Insulation cutting

Sound insulation and thermal insulation is widespread, in housing, transport, automobiles, everywhere. It comes in many forms, some of which are effective insulators but can be an irritant to humans because of their fibrous or dusty nature.

Assyst Bullmer can cut materials directly from the roll using the Premiumcut or Procut. Dusty of fibrous materials are cut using a polythene film over the material as it is cut on a Procut.

3D fashion design

Designers can use Assyst Bullmer software to design clothing and fashion in 3D. The designer needs to understand the body shapes they are designing for, the patterns and the fabric properties - exactly the same as deisgning manually. The 3D design lets you check the patterns will give a good fit, dress the design with fabrics from jpegs, send the 3D images to customers and colleagues who can view thme in 3D

Armour cutting

Body armour can incorporate anti-ballistic materials and anti-stab materials.

Materials are often based on Kevlar and this can sometimes be laminated or bonded into trauma plates.

These materials are flexible but, by design, difficult to cut and are normally incorporated as layers within a garment or within an armoured vehicle.

Assyst Bullmer cutters are capable of cutting many layers of anti-ballistic material thanks to the strong engineering within the cutting head.

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