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Astracoms Ltd have many years experience, covering a wide range of services, from detailed fire engineered design solutions, surveys, installations, commissioning, service and maintenance to Fire Alarm Paging systems. 

Fire Protection Consultants

Astracoms Ltd are Fire Protection Consultants based in Bedford we cover the UK.

Astracoms brings expert knowledge to your front door.

Fire Protection

Astracoms Ltd are one of the U.Ks Leading independent Fire Protection Consultants, providing a professional, reliable and up to date services .

Based in Bedford and established since 1994, Our Consultants have a vast knowledge or Fire Protection and Call to action Fire Systems.

Fire Protection

Fire Alarm Paging System

Here at Astracoms we make our priority that your company has the most effective Fire Alarm Paging System. 

Fire Alarm Paging System

Hotel Fire Alarm Paging Systems

Safety for all is our priority and this is why here at Astracoms we supply hotel fire alarm paging systems which are a simple and effective method to help save lives in an emergency.

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Fire Protection Consultants

For expert advice, training and products, Astracoms are fire protection consultants to help keep your home or business a safe environment for you, your family and colleagues. 

Fire Alarm Paging System

Perfect for homes and businesses we supply a range of fire alarm paging systems to ensure maximum safety in times of need. A quick and effective method to identify a fire and enable an immediate evacuation. 

Fire Alarm Paging Solutions

As an alternative to the simple fire alarm, smoke and heat detectors our paging products are a perfect solution to keep all employees safe whilst they go about their daily routine.

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