At Astronomia we have a rule - if it won't give you a view that makes you say "Wow!", we don't sell it. With optics, we don't compromise. That's why we've identified the very best telescope manufacturers and brought their finest instruments together to form a range that is virtually unparalleled in the UK


It's often said that binoculars are a better way to get started in astronomy than a telescope. Actually, we disagree! Most people want to see the Moon & planets when they get started, and binoculars won't generally be able to do that. However they are a fantastic tool to view the sky in general - from star clusters to galaxies and nebulae.


The mount is arguably the most important part of your telescope. Responsible not only for supporting the optical tube, it also keeps it pointing in the right direction - and of course many mounts include either mechanical or electronic tracking, ensuring objects stay in view as the Earth rotates. Our comprehensive range includes all major UK brands - and everything from lightweight portable tripods to high-end observatory-class equatorials.

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