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We source obsolete components using IHS, a software programme designed to provide us with up to date technical and end of life information on obsolete electronic components.

This software provides us with historical data, alternative product comparisons and allows us to cooperate with customers on a given product to ensure obsolescence does not come as a surprise.

We are incredibly proud to work alongside COG to better understand obsolete components and improve of obsolescence management services.

Semiconductor Suppliers

We are a principal quality and service driven electronic component distributor and have a range of expertise and key areas such as semiconductor supply. We strive to set new standards in this era of electronics supply.

Our goal is to continue our global investment programme and deliver the benefits to clients from SMEs to international groups.

QUALITY - Test Equipment - Microscopes

We provide non destructive testing using Keyence VHX600 Series high resolution microscopes in order to reveal quality issues such as lead and ball alignment, ball height, part marking methodologies, laser burn, solder flaws, and sanding marks from component re-marking.


Our expertise lay in high quality inspection and test processes. We are at the forefront of introducing the flexibility of supply and maintain growing relationships with over 90 manufacturers.

The global nature of our expertise and offices ensure we are continuing to develop into the supplier of choice across all market segments.

QUALITY - Test Equipment - X-Ray

The Glenbrook Technologies Jewel Box 70T X-Ray Inspection System provides non destructive testing for the identification of broken wire bonds, as well as for lead frame form and die placement.

This test equipment can also be used to identify solder voids and clearly highlights issues and report failures.


We also provide destructive testing using Nisene Jet-Etch automated acid decapsulator manufactured for Destructive Physical Die analysis.

Linked with the Keyence Microscope it provides clear unambiguous images identifying the die codes and manufacturer information.

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