ATA Engineering Processes

We are specialists in CNC routing machines as well as suppliers of machinery and equipment for aerospace, woodworking and plastics industries.

As well as CNC routing machines, we can offer router cutters, screw driving bits, aerospace tooling, and woodworking machinery.

Aerospace Tooling

We can supply a wide range of aerospace tooling including portable pneumatic tools to airframe manufacture and repair.

Our aerospace tooling also includes the following tooling products:

  • Tab shears, power drills and weld shavers
  • Tooling for riveting operations
  • Fastener installation tooling
  • Drill bushings and drill jigs
  • Countersinking and spotfacing
 Aerospace Tooling

Aerospace Cutting Lubricants

We can supply specialist aerospace cutting lubricants known as Boelube. These aerospace cutting lubricants have been designed to improve the machining or forming of the selection of materials used in the aerospace, nuclear and automotive industries.

Our aerospace cutting lubricants are available in liquid, paste, solid wax, and water soluble paste.

Our aerospace cutting lubricants are unique in their design as they offer the following:

  • No need to remove before heat treatment
  • Easy removal with detergent or solvent
  • Approved for nuclear exposure
  • They can be left on the piece for later machining or as a corrosion inhibitor
 Aerospace Cutting Lubricants

Woodworking Machinery

We have a wide selection of woodworking machinery including CNC routers, pocket routers and inverted pin routers.

We can also supply woodworking machinery in the form of drilling and boring machines, shaping and sanding machines, clamping systems, assembly systems, and bespoke woodworking machines used in the industry.

Our woodworking machinery is used for making cabinets, casework, and furniture as well as joinery, doors and windows.

 Woodworking Machinery

Screwdriver Bits and Accessories

We can supply you with a wide range of screwdriver bits and accessories available for many different applications.

Our screwdriver bits and accessories include the following:

  • Hi-torque
  • Insert and power bits
  • Nut setters
  • Square drive sockets
  • Extensions
  • Hand bit holders
  • Hand screwdrivers
 Screwdriver Bits and Accessories

ATA Engineering Processes Overview