Atkinson Precision Ltd

We have unrivaled expertise and years of experience specialising in wire spark erosion. Founded in 1960, we have a proven track record demonstrating dedication to continuous improvement of quality and service by constant reinvestment.

As well as wire spark erosion, we have expertise in a number of disciplines ranging from tool design, project management through to the finished product. We use state-of-the-art technology working in close partnership with clients to guarantee a first-class product.

Precision Components for Oil/Gas Industry

We manufacture precision components for the oil/gas industry.

Our unrivaled services and supply of precision components for the oil/gas industry includes the machining of a wide variety of components via our modern and technologically advanced manufacturing facility.

Precision Components for Oil/Gas Industry

Spark Erosion

With our spark erosion services and solutions, all electrodes are manufactured in-house utilising 3D CAD/CAM machining and wire erosion.

Spark erosion is used to produce complex components with intricate geometry which cannot be conventionally machined.

These include:

  • Sharp Corners
  • Blind Keyways
  • Blind Involute Splines
Spark Erosion

General Machining

Our general machining capabilities include one of five CNC machining centres all linked to CAM Systems to carry out 2D machining operations or complex 3D machining.

All electrodes are manufactured in-house using 3D CAD/CAM machining. Our wire erosion and our general machining capabilities cover all customer requirements.

We have gained ISO 9001/2000 approvals for our quality manual in 2001 and are committed to continuous quality improvements by staff development and training.

General Machining

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