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We specialise in pallet stretch wrappers.

Based in Bedfordshire, our experienced and dedicated team is responsible for the UK-based technical sales and aftersales service for the complete range of packaging machinery manufactured by the member companies of the Atlanta Group.

For pallet stretch wrappers, we provide:

  • Semi automatic pallet stretch wrapping machines
  • Fully automatic pallet stretch wrapping machines

Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrappers

With our comprehensive options in pallet stretch wrapping we supply both semi-automatic and fully automatic stretch wrappers.

Semi automatic stretch wrappers:

  • Sfera – battery powered, self guiding stretch wrapper
  • Mytho – turntable wrapper with power pre-stretch and core break film delivery systems
  • Synthesi – entry level core break machine

Fully automatic stretch wrappers:

  • Mytho A – automatic stretch wrapper with rotating table
  • Revolution – rutomatic stretch wrapper with rotating arm
  • Omega – automatic stretch wrapper with rotating ring

Pallet Stretch Wrapper Machines

There are many versatile options available with our fully automatic stretch wrapper machines. Depending on your particular application requirement, we supply rotating turntable, rotating arm and rotating ring stretch wrapper machines.

We offer two models of turntable machine, three different rotating arm models plus an option for a double headed version, and single head and double head ring machines. With this vast selection we offer a solution for any application and any budget.

Horizontal Pallet Stretch Wrappers

We provide comprehensive solutions for horizontal stretch wrappers. These horizontal stretch wrappers are well-suited to wrapping long lengths of product such as PVCu and aluminium extrusions, as well as timber sections and other collations.

Options include:

  • Semi-automatic
  • Fully automatic
  • Fully automatic six sided cover with bubble wrap

Shrink Wrappers

For shrink wrappers and shrink wrapping machines, we provide the complete solution.

All of our shrink wrappers are single roll machines, so there are no reciprocating sealing bars to maintain. The continuous motion of the process allows higher speeds to be achieved, without disruption to the product during the wrapping sequence.

Wrap Around Case Packing

We also offer solutions for wrap around case packing.

For wrap around case packing we provide the Atlanta Giotto machines, made from stainless steel  and particularly suited to the dairy and water industry sectors of industry. Options include the capability to produce fully enclosed case, wrap around packing case and deep walled tray formats.


For palletisers, we have options in stripper plate type palletisers and robot palletisers.

Our stripper plate type palletisers are robust layer type palletisers providing full support to packs during the stacking process.

For robot palletisers, we have options suitable for an extensive range of SCARA type palletiser applications.

Pallet Conveyors

For all of your pallet conveyor requirements, we have the solution. We supply and control any amount of pallet conveyors to transport empty and full pallets to and from production and warehouse areas.

Typical sections include free running rollers (gravity) or powered rollers or powered chains. Supply includes straight running, 90 degree transition, turntable, shuttle car and floor loading sections. Pallet dispensers and vertical elevators are also available.

Laser Guided Vehicles

For cost-effective solutions for laser guided vehicles (AGVs), we provide a comprehensive and leading service.

Laser guided vehicles benefit from not requiring any civil work such as laying magnetic strips in the floor. Also, they require minimal maintenance, they perform at 100% capacity all of the time, and they do no damage to the plant.

Turnkey Solutions

Our turnkey solutions are vast.

With our turnkey solutions, we offer you a wide range of options, from the supply of a single stand-alone machine right through to systems including product collation, shrink wrapping, pack transport, palletisation, pallet wrapping and labelling.

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