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We are a company of mechanical and electrical engineers who, for 27 years, have applied the highest possible standards of design, installation, maintenance and repairs to security gates and parking control solutions.

Parking Barriers and Security Bollards

Rising arm barriers, hospital visitor parking, traffic control, revenue parking, access security,
Rising bollards, anti-ramraid schemes, parking control, access security, etc.

  • Rising arm traffic control barriers
  • Parking revenue systems
  • Anti-ram raid bollards and chain barriers
  • Installation by qualified and experienced engineers

Automatic Gates, Doors and Shutters

Security gates, warehouse security, pedestrian schemes, school access control,
Ornamental gates, residential driveway access, Private clubs, multiple dwellings, etc.

  • Automatic driveway gates
  • Parking revenue systems
  • High security sliding gates
  • Industrial shutters
  • Manual and remote control garage doors
  • Installation by qualified and experienced engineers

Our Customers

We have thousands of satisfied customers in both the public & private sectors, from London Underground to 'Dun Roamin'. Our know-how guarantees that your installation will be completed professionally, on time and within budget.

Our Customers
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