ATP Adhesive Systems AG


ATP has produced high-quality adhesive systems on the most modern coating machines in the German towns of Buchenau and Mihla since 1991.

Thanks to the research and development that we carry out at our location in Switzerland, we are in a position to manufacture tailor-made adhesive solutions for our clients.  We draw on a broad range of adhesives and carrier materials to produce single-sided and double-sided adhesive tapes as well as non-self-adhesive, thermally activated connection systems for a wide spectrum of applications across many different industries. Our adhesive solutions can be found, for example, in cars, electronic and optical devices, in the windows of buildings, various medicinal applications and printable foils and labels.  The adhesive recipes used for our products are exclusively developed by us; the production procedures meet the latest technological requirements.

Using our ATP programme, we have manufactured environmentally friendly products on a solvent-free, recyclable basis for many years now. We feel obliged to uphold these standards, and we also intend to play a leading role in their further development in the future.  We would like to offer our clients a competitive advantage in their respective markets. We achieve this goal through customer-specific product development at competitive prices and extremely short delivery times.

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