Atum Environmental Services

Brimac is a privately owned business with a manufacturing base in Greenock, Scotland. It produces its own unique specialist adsorption media and is an expert in applying a variety of carbon treatments. With exports of more than 80% of its media to the sugar industry in the USA, South America and the Middle East it is the global leader. Brimac adsorption media products are used by leading water companies for purifying drinking water. Our products are also used by a variety of industrial users for making waste water safe for discharge to the environment, or to recycle back into their process. Brimac water recycle projects deliver real savings for customers.

The company uses its expertise to combine their unique adsorption media with other media, for example, activated carbon, for a variety of water treatment applications. Its project management service designs, engineers and installs process plant, wherever this maybe necessary to use its products. It also offers a variety of methods for changing out adsorption media. A complete media replacement service for large and small water flows is provided, and equipment may be bought or leased.

We have been producing our products for over 170 years in Greenock. We have laboratories to provide a superior technical service as well as research other new products and applications.

Atum Environmental Services Overview