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We pride ourselves at Aures in creating and developing reliable and innovative equipment including EPOS touchscreen terminals. We supply high-performance EPOS touchscreen terminals for purchase as individual products or as part of a pack to include:

  • 15” Touchscreen
  • Thermal Printer (RS232/USB Combi)
  • Pre-installed Operating System
  • All Cables
  • EPOS Software 

Customer Displays

We supply customer displays with two 20-character display lines, full tilt and swivel capacity. Our customer displays are self powering via serial ports. The OCD150 pole mounted customer display is the perfect height to enable the client to easily view the display during cash desk operations.


Our HD357 handheld order terminal features Windows CE 6.0, a powerful range WIFI and an excellent battery life for longer mobility. Our mobility handheld terminals provide a wide range of the most demanding applications for hotels, catering, bars, fast food and takeaway sites.


Our ODP200 thermal receipt printer is fast and reliable. Our printers use thermal paper rolls and supports several paper/ticket widths and incorporates 8MB internal memory.  They are available in two colours: graphite and pearl.

Panel PCs

Our Teos is a touchscreen PC designed for various retail applications. We have designed our slim touch panel PCs to be suitable for use in any kind of environment.

Our touch panel PCs are suitable for:

  • Digital signage
  • Multimedia viewing
  • Control and management tasks
  • Till and cash desk functions
  • Digital information kiosks

Ultra Compact PCs

Our Ineos is an ultra compact PC equipped with an Intel Atom embedded computing platform for improved graphics and  performance. Our ultra compact PCs are cost effective and have low power consumption.

Bar Code Scanners

Our most popular barcode scanner is the PS-50 as it has excellent design ergonomics. It is the only handheld bar code scanner to come with a set of different colour clips, providing a perfect match with other Pos equipment.  The base is available in two colours, pearl and graphite,  with a choice of eight shades of sticker clips. 


We have a fantastic range of cashdrawers with the most popular being the 3S430 cashdrawer with 8 coin/8 note inserts. Our cashdrawers are available in colours including black or beige.

Dallas Key System

Our high-quality TMR-900 Dallas key system comes in black or beige to match your cashdrawer style. The Dallas key system includes PSU with dimensions of 120x80x26 and is supplied with RS232 or PS2 connection.

Waiter Call Systems

Our waiter call systems are available as a complete pack in various sizes depending on the quantity of pagers required. Our waiter call systems contain a call terminal, carry case, charger and PSUs to suit your needs.

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