Autac Products Ltd


Established in 1964, we are a leading UK design and manufacturing company specialising in:

  • Retractable Commercial Vehicle, Multicore Connecting Cables
  • Retractable Power Cables
  • Retractable Communications and Electronics Cables
  • Custom Designed Bespoke Cable
  • High Performance Specialist Cable


Industry Sectors & Applications

We design, manufacture and supply electrical cables, coils, coiled cable assemblies with or without plugs, sockets or end-preparation to a diverse range of companies as far a field as China and Australia, in many different industry sectors including:

  • Electrical Parts OEMs and Distributors
  • Commercial Vehicle OEMs and Distributors
  • Aviation
  • Defence
  • Communication & Electronics
  • Agriculture
  • Marine
  • Oil
  • Motorsport
  • Metrology
  • Chemical and Medical distribution

We have categorised our standard cables and spiral coils into three industry sectors:

  1. Truck, Trailer and Caravan Cables and Connectors
  2. Power Cable
  3. Communications and Electronics

1. Truck, Trailer and Caravan Cables

We manufacture, as standard, a diverse range of retractable connecting cables for articulated vehicles. Our coils and connectors are made to exacting quality standards and comply with all relevant International Standards.
Products range from cost-effective light-duty cables through to Heavy-Duty and Military grade products (and every level in between).

Our standard CV and Trailer/Caravan products include: cable, coils, plugs, sockets and end-terminations for:

  • 24V Normal Supply (24N) ISO 1185;
  • 24V Supplementary Supply (24S) ISO 3731;
  • 12V Normal Supply (12N) ISO 1724;
  • 12V Supplementary Supply (12S) ISO 3732;
  • 24V EBS & ABS systems (ISO 7638-1);
  • 12V EBS Systems (ISO 7638-2);
  • 24V 15-Pole Systems (ISO 12098);
  • 24V 15-Pole / 2x 7-Pole Adaptors (ISO 12098 / 1185 / 3731);
  • Battery Charging, including Single Pole, 2-Pole, 3-Pole and the 7 Pole electronically monitored system: ISO 25981;
  • 13 Pole Multicon / WeSt (ISO 1724 Compatible);
  • 13 Pole ISO 11446-1
  • 7 Pole and 15 Pole Camera Systems
  • Low-Voltage, Miscellaneous Cables

2. Power Cables

We design and manufacture a huge selection of power cables, ranging from Single-Conductor Earthing Cables to 15 core industrial cables.

The majority of our power cables are made with flexible copper stranding to maximise retractability characteristics. In addition to our flexible copper-stranded cables, we also manufacture coils containing galvanised steel wire, for anti-static earthing applications.

We stock as standard:

  • Single-Conductor Earthing Cables (from 4.00mm² to 10.00mm²)
  • 2 core power cables (0.50mm² to 4.00mm²)
  • 3 core power cables (0.50mm² to 4.00mm²)
  • 4 core power cables (0.50mm² to 4.00mm²)
  • 5 core power cables (0.75mm² to 4.00mm²)
  • 6 & 7 core power cables (0.75mm² to 2.50mm²)
  • 8 - 15 core power cables (0.75mm² to 1.50mm²)

3. Communications and Electronics Cables

We manufacture a large selection of communications and electronics cables and coils, ranging from non-conductive cables to 15 core cables.

Our electronics cables are available as retractable coiled cables from around 10mm up to 2,500mm long (closed) with extension lengths up to 10metres.

We stock both screened and unscreened cables for use in applications such as:

  • Telecommunications
  • Data transmission
  • Robotics
  • Medical
  • Security

Bespoke Cable Design Service

In addition to our extensive standard product range; we also have the expertise to design bespoke electrical cable, thanks to our BS EN ISO 9001 QMS certification.

Options include:
[1] Number of Insulated Cores: 0-17
[2] Conductor Sizes: Standard flexible copper-wire stock 0.09mm² to 35.00mm²
[3] Core Insulation: Material: (PVC, TPE or TPC-ET); Colours: Over 20 solid colours, plus striping option;

[4] Inner Sheathing Jacket: Optional inner-jacket / bedding (PVC, TPE or TPU)
[5] Outer Sheathing Jacket: PVC, TPE, TPU or TPC-ET;
[5] Colour: over 20 colours to choose from;
[6] Size: Up to 17mm.
[7] Printing Options: Have your company name or product code etc. printed on the cable

Coils Made to Order as Standard


The majority of our power, communications and electronics cables are manufactured to customer designs, drawings or other specified customer requirements as standard. We manufacture the cable and coils on site, giving us the design and manufacturing flexibility to make all coils to our customer requirements.

Customers can choose/specify:
[A] Coil diameter (standard for cable, or custom)
[B] or [C]: [B] - Closed Coil Length: from around 20mm to 2,500mm; [C] Extension length: can be anything up to 50 metres
[D] & [E]: Tail lengths – often 150mm as standard, but any tail length from around 50mm to 10,000mm; either [Axial] or [Tangent]
[F] & [G]: End-Preparation on tails; including: Sheath-Stripping, Core-Stripping, Plugging, and assembly/fitting services


Quality Assured

Autac Products is certified to BS EN ISO 9001 for the Design, Manufacture and Supply of electrical retractable cables.

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