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Our collection of label printers comprise of the AIS TTP247. This impressive printer runs at an impressive 7 ips print speed with 230 dpi resolution. It provides a powerful memory capacity of 8 MB and it has the capabilities to add more gigabytes of Flash memory via a SDHC card reader.

This label printer has the strongest thermal transfer mechanism and an impressive two motor gear design that provides enough power to deal with 300 meter long ribbons.

We also offer the CLP621. This durable desktop label printer has metal components but with a competitive price tag. It is capable of printing with or without an ribbon and has an inbuilt power supply.

We also provide the CLP7201 model that is designed with printing thousands of labels a day in mind. It is manufactured to be long lasting and effective over constant use. It has USB connectivity, thermal transfer and fantastic print quality.

Further models we have available are the CLP8301, Toshiba Tec B-SX4, Toshiba TEC B-SA4T and the Zebra GK420t.

Label Rewinders

We have two types of label rewinders available: heavy-duty label rewinders and low-cost label rewinders.

Our heavy-duty rewinders are easy to use and, in the case of the CAT-3 model, silent. With no annoying belts or clutches, these rewinders provide perfect ease of use.

Our low-cost label rewinders include the MINI-CAT models equipped with a direction switch that allows you to change the direction of use. They are able to rewind rolls up to 125mm wide at speeds up to 25cm per second.

Label Rewinders

Hand Label Applicators / Dispensers

Our hand label applicators and dispensers are lightweight and easily portable meaning you can label anywhere. They can be used with labels from 20mm to 100mm in width and are perfect where lots of labelling stations are needed.

An automatic sensor on our hand label applicators gives precision labelling on curved or flat surfaces.

Hand Label Applicators / Dispensers

Automatic Label Applicators

We distribute semi and fully automatic label applicators. Our semi automatic label applicators let you control the dispensing length of the label and once it is set the applicator effectively does the rest. A label positioning sensor monitors the leading edge and makes sure that the label is fed properly.

Our applicators are cordless and can be used anywhere even without a mains supply. A window in the applicator lets you see when it's running low on the roll. It is easy to set up and includes a rechargeable battery indicator light.

Automatic Label Applicators

Label Slitters

Our LABELMATE slitters are the easiest way for slitting and rewinding narrow labels. Label slitters let you print small labels and slit them to a required length. This increases your print efficiency and improves the print head's life and ribbon usage.

Our label slitters are high speed and very durable. They are placed between the printer output and the label rewinder and with slitting speeds up to 76cm per second.

Label Slitters

Label Counters

We offer label counters to ease counting labels in an cost-effective way. We have a range of labels counters including Count-100, Count-200 and the reel-to-reel counting system.

Our reel-to-reel labels counters include an encoder that measures length and offers direct read out. Count-100 and 200 models count up with the help of a sensor to detect the gap between labels.

Label Counters

Reel-to-Reel Counting Systems

The RRC-330 Reel-to-Reel Counting System

  • brings you new convenience
  • table-top Label Counting System using a pre-set counter.
  • maximum size of 330mm (13")
  • direct read-out in Metric or British & American Units.

The The RRC-330 Reel-to-Reel Counting System

  • Standard take-up shaft is available is 38, 40, 44, 70 and 76mm
  • The ACH (Adjustable Core Holder) accepts cores from 25 to 101mm.
  • The supply core is supplied in both 40mm and 76mm
Reel-to-Reel Counting Systems

Label Supplies

Our label supplies include thermal transfer printers on plain or printed paper in a range of six colours. Our direct thermal and continuous transfer labelstock include die cut, black mark and butt cut.

They can be produced as permanent or removable labels and printed on freezer and blockout adhesive paper, polyester, vinyl, and polypropylene.

Our label supplies can have a matt finish, high gloss, semi gloss or laminated. We also provide labels that are tamper evident to increase security.

Label Supplies
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