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We are a leading international industrial company involved in the manufacturing and sale of machines and films for food packaging and have been present in the fresh food market for over 60 years. With approximately 500 employees, 160 international patent registrations and 4% of our turnover invested in R&D, we have always pursued the same goal of being a partner to our clients in helping them find the most suitable packaging solutions.


Solutions adapted to fresh food packaging in trays on supermarket shelves, such as meat, poultry, fish, gastronomy, fruits and vegetables in large-scale retail shops. Stretch packaging helps protect and store products through the use of a highly sensitive film (stretch) that is wrapped around the product itself or the tray that contains it.

Industrial Packaging

This technology is the answer to the needs of industrial packaging machines, those of hypermarkets and all companies in the sector characterised by high productivity. The machines of the industrial series are appreciated for their reliability even under extreme operating conditions. The excellent performance provided and the considerable flexibility in terms of layout, make them ideal for stretch packaging of fresh produce in tray such as: meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, cheeses, fish and other foods such as bread, pastry and pizza.

Modified Atmosphere Packagine (MAP)

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) keeps the original organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of fresh food products unaltered for a longer time. The result is an extended shelf life without the addition of chemical preservatives or stabilisers. This type of packaging involves insertion of an optimal mixture of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen inside a package made of high barrier materials. The process thus ensures meeting the conservation needs of a specific food product.

Barrier Film

The films and trays used for packaging must be able to function as barriers against gas and water vapour, in addition to being sealed optimally, to ensure the maintenance of the gas mixture inside the package at each stage. Thanks to the extended shelf life, companies are able to better control the quality of products and manage logistics and productive processes in a more cost-effective way.

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