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We supply Carpenter Mfg Inc - Cut and Strip Machines which are powerful high performance quality reliable machines. which process cable up to 16mm² cable, 

The Range Includes: Cut and Strip Machines, Cable Cutting Machines, Prefeeders, Wire stripping machines & Magnet wire Strippers.

Please contact us if you require anymore information.

Nuova Gamma - Crimping Press & Mini Applicators

We offer a full range of crimping presses that accept standard mini applicators that suit many different types of terminal & connectors. The crimping presses can be used for loose pieces and chain link or banolier terminals. The presses range from 1 ton to 5 ton and can be used with or without foot pedal activation depending on if a crimp only press or the stripper crimper press is used.

We also offer a full range of quick change mini applicator to crimp reel style terminals, with either 4 position or fine adjust head

Nuova Gamma  - Crimping Press & Mini Applicators

GLW - Ferrules

New to ACS Ltd. We offer a full range of Insulated and Uninsulated loose piece & reeled bootlace ferrules from GLW - Germany.

Range includes: Uninsulated Ferrules, Insulated Ferrules, Twin Ferrules, Tri-Rated Ferrules, Ferrules in Boxes and Ferrules on Reels.

Please call for Price and Delivery!

GLW - Ferrules

Coax Cable Stripping Machines

We offer a full range of new coax stripping machine for cables up to 9mm diameter, these machines are fully programmable and able to strip up to 9 steps of the coax cable diameter and lengths

Please contact us for details

Coax Cable Stripping Machines

Videojet - Ink Jet Printing

The new Ink jet printers from Videojet Technologies Inc. are the first in a new line of printers that sets a higher standard in marking and coding performance for maximum uptime. Designed for medium-duty applications that involve printing codes roughly 16 to 20 hours per day/six days per week, the Videojet 1520 is ideal for the Cable, heat shrink, food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and personal care/cosmetic industries. with its new design it uses all of the ink in a cartridge system with no waste or spillage, this also includes a new head cleaining system when the machine is not in use. 

This machine is used in line with our Carpenter Model 97A, Model 93, Model 36 & Model 33 machine - this will print on the fly with the specially designed print head support.

This INKJET printing machine can also be used with all other cable processing machines.

Please ask for details

Videojet - Ink Jet Printing

Used Machines

Please see up to date used machines for sale including Schleuniger, Komax, Kirsten, Mecal, Gamma Artos.

If we do not have a machine in stock please feel free to call us and we may be able to find the machine you require

MARK WARNER - 07796548263

Used Machines
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