Automated Cutting Solutions Ltd

We are specialists in providing professional and comprehensive fabric cutting services.

Our fabric cutting services include laser cutting fabrics. With the addition of our third laser cutting table in 2005, we offer an extended range of cutting and engraving of materials. This includes acrylic cutting along with other plastics.

Acrylic Cutting

Our acrylic cutting services are extensive and we are specialists in laser cutting and engraving, fabrics, acrylic and various other materials.

We use two eight metre flat bed tables carrying 200 watt lasers for cutting the larger panels as required in sails and fabric structures. Our third table enables us to offer acrylic cutting. Laser cutting acrylic enables very fine designs to be cut with polished edges.

Acrylic Cutting

Laser Cutting Specialists

We are renowned and professional laser cutting specialists. We have unrivaled expertise in fabric cutting services and offer a comprehensive cutting service for users of fabrics, paper, card, plastics, textiles and other thin materials.

As laser cutting specialists our laser cutting produces a clean cut and on synthetic materials seals the edge. Laser cut acrylic offers a clean polished edge without the need for flame polishing.

Laser Cutting Specialists

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