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Automated Packaging Systems is the world leader in designing and manufacturing flexible bag packaging systems and is the original inventor of Autobag bagging machines and pre-opened bags-on-a-roll. Autobag covers a range of bagging machines, conveyors and thermal transfer printers including Autobag AB 180, Autobag AB 180 OneStep, Autobag AB 180 HD-E, Autobag AB 255, Autobag AB 255 OneStep, Autobag AB 255 Mail Order Fulfillment, Autobag Maximizer, Autobag PI 412c and Autobag PI 412cw Prism.

Bagging Machines

Automated Packaging Systems help customers achieve their packaging goals by providing a Total Systems Approach to bag packaging, working closely with customers to understand their key issues and requirements, evaluating the entire bag packaging operation including bagging machines, bag materials and services, developing complete bagging systems that increase customers' productivity and profitability.

Automated Packaging Systems is the inventor of Genuine Autobag® bags and bagging machines.

Packaging Systems and Packaging Equipment

Automated Packaging Systems Ltd offer a wide range of bag sealing and plastic packaging systems from simple tabletop models to semi and fully automated plastic packaging systems. Packaging equipment and accessories include baggers, void fill systems, counters, weigh scales, conveyors, thermal transfer printers and custom engineered plastic packaging systems.

Every genuine Autobag®, SidePouch™ and AirPouch™ bagging system is engineered with innovative plastic packaging technologies that improve operator and production efficiencies.

Our Systems Advantage™ Programme is a world-class customer support program that integrates machines, materials and service with a variety of incentives and preferred services for optimum packaging productivity, superior value, and guaranteed satisfaction.

With over 25,000 packaging systems and packaging equipment in use worldwide and the industry’s largest field service organisation, we have the experience to design a packaging solution for you.

Bag Materials and Plastic Packaging

Automated Packaging Systems is the original manufacturer of genuine Autobag® pre-opened bags-on-a-roll, SidePouch™ bags-in-a-box, and AirPouch™ void-fill air pillows. Since 1962, we have been committed to providing the highest quality bag materials and plastic packaging with the shortest lead times in the industry.

Our plastics manufacturing processes are certified to ISO 9001/2000. Bag materials uniformity and integrity exceed quality standards established by the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA). With multiple manufacturing facilities in the US and Europe, we offer the largest poly bag-on-a-roll manufacturing capacity to ensure your supply chain remains constant.

We offer standard and custom poly bags and plastic packaging in multiple bag materials, from basic polyethylene films to high-barrier co-extruded films.

Plastic Packaging

Void-fill air pillow systems

Custom bags can include special printing and conversion options for unique, attractive plastic packaging with a competitive edge

Bagging Machines - Hardware

Automated Packaging Systems' bagging machines provide customers with compact, high-speed, versatile bagging solutions. Capable of operating at speeds of up to 80 bags per minute, our class-leading bagging machines are engineered for high productivity in hand-load, semi-automatic or fully-automatic packing operations. Our straight-forward approach to business has led over 30,000 customers worldwide to rely upon us to fulfil a host of packaging applications. We have not let them down.

Please contact us on 0800 731 3643 to discuss your application.

Packaging machinery - Food Production

FAS SPrint is specifically designed for food packaging operations, bringing speed and versatility to demanding packaging environments that require regular washdown and bag changeovers.

Operating at speeds of up to 120 bags per minute, FAS SPrint is the ultimate in packaging machinery and versatility. FAS SPrint presents multiple pre-opened bags for simultaneous loading by up to three operators or in-feed systems, ensuring that product can be bagged and packed with greater efficiency.

Bag changeover can be carried out in less than two minutes and SidePouch bags-in-a-box are used to maximise uptime and reliability. Our customers choose from an extensive range of packaging machinery, bag sizes, styles and materials, including re-closable zipper bags, re-sealable flaps, breather/vent holes, reinforced headers and tamper evident perforations.

Automated packaging - Mail Order and Fulfilment

With world class-leading solutions, both for bagging and void fill operations, our automated packaging systems are adopted for a host of mail order and fulfilment applications.

Autobag AB 255 OneStep is the perfect automated packaging machine for print and pack mail order fulfillment. The integrated AutoLabel™ printer and touch screen controls streamline bag packaging operations. Flexible system design is available in horizontal or vertical configurations.

Packaging solutions - Medical, Health and Beauty

Hospitals, pharmacies, medical device manufacturers, cosmetic companies and contract packers turn to Automated Packaging Systems because we offer unique and flexible packaging solutions. As well as the increases in productivity, efficiency and cost savings enjoyed by all our customers, we also offer packaging solutions with a range of materials for sterilisable packaging and heavy duty applications.

Contact us on 0800 731 3643 to discus your application

Bagging machine - Military

Delivering consistently high standards across a variety of applications, our customers in the military sector can be guaranteed the right bagging machine for the job. Bagging quality is second-to-none. Both the SPrint and AB 180 magging machines provide the flexibility and efficiency demanded by our customers, along with the security and support of a highly respected and experienced international company.

Automated Packaging Systems Malvern Service and Support

Automated Packaging Systems Malvern is committed to designing and manufacturing the highest quality bag packaging systems and bagging materials, and supporting our customers with exceptional customer service.

Our team of technical field service engineers is the largest in the bag packaging industry and backed by a parts and service organisation that includes dedicated technical phone support, bagger machine repair, custom engineering and system integration services. Automated Packaging Systems Malvern offer customer training classes and provide applications support assistance to help you maximise the productivity of your bag packaging operation.

We keep a comprehensive spare parts inventory for fast delivery of any bagging equipment and system accessories you may need. Our in-house art department is also available to help design and print custom graphics for your bags.

Automated Packaging Systems Ltd

Automated Packaging Systems is the original manufacturer of genuine Autobag® pre-opened bags-on-a-roll, SidePouch™ bags-in-a-box, and AirPouch™ void-fill air pillows.  Since 1962, Automated Packaging Systems have been committed to providing the highest quality poly bags with the shortest lead times in the industry.

Automated Packaging Systems is a world leader in designing and manufacturing flexible bag packaging systems, and is the original inventor of Autobag bagging machines and pre-opened bags-on-a-roll. Autobag covers a range of bagging machines, from simple desktop plug-in-and-play systems to fully automated packaging machines.



Bag sealer

Our systems offer complete end-of-line solutions for every stage of the packaging process: counting, conveying, bagging, sealing, printing and over-printing.

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