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We are a leading stockist and supplier of standard automation technology products with low prices starting from a quantity of 1 with no minimum order required.  At Automation24 you will find over 5,000 products from over 35 brand-name manufacturers. Therefore, we offer you everything you need from the sensor to the control cabinet. Additionally we offer you excellent customer service and technical support throughout the entire ordering process. We are available via telephone, chat and email for all of your needs. We look forward to seeing you in our shop!


Sensor systems

At Automation24 we offer a wide variety of sensor systems to meet the requirements for of your applications.

We offer Position sensors from top manufacturers such as ifm electonic, microsonic, Datalogic, M.D. Micro Detectors, Eaton and Eickmann Elektronik. These include inductive sensors, photoelectric sensors, laser sensors, ultrasonic sensors, capacitive sensors, magnetic sensors, cylinder sensors, ring/tube sensors, fork/frame light barriers, mechanical position switches with accessories and testers. 

We offer Process sensors from top manufacturers such as ifm electonic, WIKA and TITEC. These include pressure sensors and transmitters, pressure gauges, flow sensors and transmitters, temperature sensors and transmitters, thermometers, level sensors and transmitters, conductivity sensors, evaluation units and signal converters, with accessories and adapters.

We offer Motion sensors from ifm electonic and Eickmann Elektronik. These include vibration sensors, speed sensors, encoders and contact sensors.

We offer Vision sensors from ifm electonic and pmdtechnologies. The 3D camera systems with Time-of-Flight technology are suitable for all your 3D detection applications. We offer the pico flexx and pico monstar from pmd and the O3X101 from ifm electronic


Sensor systems

Control Systems

  • Logo! Mini controllers for simple control requirements. The Logo!8 with integrated web server is the perfect solution. These include logic modules with and without display, digital and analogue expansion modules, external text displays, communication modules, contact switching modules, power supply, programming software, and starter-kits and accessories.
  • SIMATIC S7-1200 is a flexible and modular based system available in different CPU variations and can be expanded with different components according to your individual requirements. These include central processing units, input and output modules (analogue and digital), communication processors, S7-1200 Power supplies, programming software (Basic and Professional), memory cards and starter-kits.
  • SIMATIC ET 200SP is a modular system that is ideal for many control tasks in all decentralised industrial areas. These include standard CPUs, input and output modules (analogue and digital), communication modules, base units, power supplies, step 7 professional software and memory cards and accessories. 
  • HMI operating panels These include the SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels 1st and 2nd generation, SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels, programming software WinCC Basic and WinCC comfort.
  • IO-Link products including IO-Link Master and IO-Link programming tools.
  • IoT components including IoT-Gateway CloudRAIL.Box and starter kits.
Control Systems

Industrial communication technology

Automation24 offers a full range of Industrial Ethernet  and PROFINET items for your applications.  For Industrial Ethernet as well as options for PROFINET applications, we offer:

  1. Unmanaged Fast Ethernet switches
  2. Unmanaged Fast Ethernet switches PoE/PoE+
  3. Unmanaged Full gigabit Ethernet switches
  4. Unmanaged Full gigabit Ethernet switches PoE/PoE+
  5. Ethernet cables
  6. RJ45 Ethernet patch cables
  7. RJ45 Ethernet connectors
  8. M12 Ethernet connectors

For your Industrial Wireless applications, we offer solutions from Anybus by HMS.  Our featured items are:

  1. Starter-Kit HMS AWB2300-Anybus Wireless Bolt™ WLAN
  2. Starter-Kit HMS AWB3300-Anybus Wireless Bridge II Ethernet
Industrial communication technology

Measuring & regulation technology

At Automation24 we offer Process displays/Counters from SELEC and WIKA as well as related accessories. In our range, we currently offer:

  1. Multifunctional displays
  2. Multifunction meters
  3. Voltmeters
  4. Ammeters
  5. Meters
  6. Instrument transducers

In our Measuring & regulation technology category we offer Temperature evaluation units as well.  We currently offer a variety of temperature controllers from SELEC at very attractive prices in stock.

Measuring & regulation technology

Control & signalling

  1. Pushbuttons in various styles
  2. Key-operated buttons 
  3. Selector switches 
  4. Emergency STOP/OFF pushbuttons
  5. Joysticks/Potentiometers
  6. Acoustic indicators
  7. Contact and LED elements
  8. Surface mounting enclosures
  9. Front elements
  10. Complete devices
  11. Labels and accessories
  • Signal towers - from Patlite, Eaton and ifm ranging from a single LED module to complete devices
  • Status lights for simple status indication
  • Foot & palm switches as complete devices
Control & signalling

Industrial Controls

At Automation24 we offer a full compliment of industrial control devices to suit your applications.

  • Coupling relays/Timer relays from PHOENIX CONTACT and SELEC 
  • Main contactors/Contactor relays from SIEMENS from the Sirius modular system that provides a wide variety of options for safe and functional switching of electrical loads.
  • Switch disconnectors from Eaton for safe and reliable disconnection of your electrical loads.
  • Monitoring relays for machine and plant protection which include the following from SIEMENS, SELEC and TELE:
  1. Thermal overload
  2. Electronic overload
  3. Current monitoring
  4. Voltage monitoring
  5. Temperature monitoring
  6. Level monitoring
Industrial Controls

Protection Equipment

Automation24 offers an excellent selection of protection devices from SIEMENS, ETA, PHOENIX and Murrelektronik  

  • Circuit breakers/RCCBs with high switching capacity for isolating and disconnecting systems.  Included in this category are the following:
  1. Automatic circuit breakers
  2. Residual Current Operated Circuit Breakers
  3. Arc fault detection circuit breakers
  4. Fuses/Residual current protection accessories
  • Device circuit breakers for individual device protection.
  • Circuit breakers for motors and starter combinations which are part of the SIRIUS modular system and can be combined with items from our industrial controls category.
  • Surge protection for power supplies, transceiver systems, data technology as well as individual sets
Protection Equipment

Drive Technology

Automation24 features drive technology for all your applications.

  1. Soft starters
  2. Variable speed starters which combines the advantages of variable frequency drives with those of classic motor starters. 
  3. Compact motor starters
  4. Compact starters
  5. Accessories for motor starters/load feeders
  • Variable frequency drives from Siemens. Automation24 offers the SINAMICS V20 VFDs' featuring ECO mode in various sizes from 0.12 to 15 kW. 
  • Speed monitoring for stoppage recognition, processing release and belt monitoring as well as specialty applications.
  • Encoders from ifm electronic for detecting rotational speed, position, lengths, angles and conveyor travel.
Drive Technology

Enclosures/Control cabinets

At Automation24 we offer enclosures and control cabinets from RITTAL, FIBOX and Raychem RPG.

  • In our Enclosures category you will find ABS, polycarbonate, aluminium, steel and modular component enclosures for optimum protection of electrical and electronic components.
  • In our Compact control cabinets category you will find robust steel and polycarbonate control cabinets from RITTAL and FIBOX for all of your control systems and devices.
  • We also provide you with a full selection of accessories ranging from DIN-rail to control cabinet lights.

Additionally we also provide a full array of cable glands and cable bushing systems from EATON, LAPP and PFLITSCH.

Enclosures/Control cabinets

Industrial Luminaires

At Automation24, we offer a full range of industrial luminaires from LED2WORK that cover a wide variety of installation applications. The industrial luminaires provide a precise and comfortable work area as well as additional safety around machinery.

We have a large selection of Machine luminaires to suit virtually any situation as well as signal lights and of course, the required accessories for your installations.

Additionally we offer Workstation luminaires along with the required accessories to make your workstations more suitable for productive and safe work activities.

LED luminaires provide you with excellent lighting and help you save on your electricity!

Industrial Luminaires

Connection Technology

  • Sensor/Actuator wiring including connectors and actuator boxes from ifm electronic PHOENIX CONTACT and Murrelektronik for perfect wiring results.
  • Industrial connectors including circular connectors with screw connections or faster QUICKCON technology, rectangular connectors in numerous variations and RJ45 connectors that are easily field installed.
  • Cables and wires for wiring sensors, control devices and data applications.  Additionally Automation24 offers single core cables, RJ45 patch cables, M12/RJ45 connection cables and M12/USB connection cables.
  • Terminal blocks and connecting terminals for clean wiring in your control cabinet including important accessories.
  • Cable protection conduits, fittings, cable ties and wire end ferrules for a secure cable assembly.
Connection Technology

Power Supply

  • Automation24 offers Switched-mode power supplies/UPS from SIEMENS, PHOENIX CONTACT and Murrelektronik in various input and output voltages as well as output current ratings. With this, we are able to support a wide range of your power requirements for your control systems. We also offer the SIEMENS models that are specific to the Logo-Power and S7-1200 models which provides you with a complete package for your control systems from SIEMENS at Automation24.
  • Additionally at Automation24, we offer Transformers from Murrelektronik. You can find a full range of safety transformers and control & isolation transformers in this category.
Power Supply

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