Automotive Calibration Ltd

Since 1991 we have been an ISO registered company and have been providing our customers, in the engineering and automotive sector, with high quality, on-site calibration, testing and repair services.

We are accredited to PAS 125:2007 BSI Bodyshop Standard. If you have achieved, or are progressing towards this standard, we can guarantee all our current calibration regimes will support PAS 125 obligations.

Automotive Calibration

To ensure automotive calibration and testing services are up to the highest standard we employ highly qualified technical staff who operate from fully equipped walk-in vehicles. Working directly from vehicles cuts down on on-site inconvenience for our customers and we can provide all certification whilst on-site the moment the job is done.

We are dedicated to providing reliable and high standards of automotive calibration service and aim to continually improve and upgrade our systems so our customers benefit from the latest technologies and we stay ahead of the competition.

Automotive Calibration

ISO Calibration

Our ISO calibration services adhere to many quality standards and we calibrate the majority the workshop and bodyshop tools such as torque wrenches, pressure gauges and multimeters.

Our ISO calibration certificates are provided in electronic format and our diverse range of calibration capabilities include the calibration of combination sets, vacuum gauges, steel rules, headlight aligners, feeler gauges, and dial gauges.

Automotive Tool Repair

We carry a wide array of spare parts for workshop tools so automotive tool repair can be carried out on-site and save you time and money.

Our automotive tool repair items include pressure gauges and torque wrenches however we can also provide a greater range needed for your exact requirements.

Automotive Tool Repair

Calibration Certification

Our calibration certification documents are issued against test equipment calibrated in approved UKAS laboratories and is traceable to National Standards. Our calibration certification also acts as a record of tool performance and should be kept for a minimum of 12 months.

We also store information on clients and calibration for up to five years in case our customers need to refer to it at any time.

Calibration Certification

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