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Here at Autopa, we supply a fantastic range of street furniture, parking and vehicle control and cycle security products in an assortment of colours, materials and finishes. Our high quality street furniture is designed to enhance any street scene. We provide cost-effective street furniture solutions, with short lead times including:

  • Seating
  • Litter bins
  • Tree grilles

Traffic Barriers

We manufacture and supply an impressive range of traffic barriers suitable for a variety of applications. We manufacture automatic rising arm barriers, available in a variety of designs suitable for many applications, up to road widths of 8m with a single boom. Our solutions include:

  • Traffic barriers for safety
  • Traffic barriers for Vehicle access control
  • Automatic traffic barriers
  • Manual traffic barriers
  • Traffic barriers for height restriction
  • Swing gate traffic barriers
Traffic Barriers

Bicycle Racks

We manufacture a fantastic variety of bicycle racks, stands and holders. Our wide range of bicycle racks, stands and holders include:

  • Sheffield style
  • Sheffield variants
  • Floor mounted holders
  • Wall mounted holders
  • Racks for multiple bikes
  • Sold secure cycle stand
Bicycle Racks

Car Parking Posts

Our car parking posts are suitable for a diverse range of applications, from reservation of individual parking bays to control of vehicular access to forecourts (depending on design). Our parking posts are manufactured in galvanised steel as standard, colour coated and stainless steel finishes are also available.

Our car parking posts include:

  • Hinged posts
  • Fixed posts
  • Sprung boundary posts
  • Retractable posts
  • Removable posts
Car Parking Posts


We manufacture a wide selection of bollards in a variety of materials, finishes and colours. Our bollards are suitable for use in many locations and applications. Our bollards include:

  • Mild steel bollards
  • Stainless steel bollards
  • Recycled plastic bollards
  • Polyurethane bollards
  • Ornamental bollards


We manufacture manual and automatic sliding gates and manual swing gates. Our gates are manufactured from mild steel and suitable for a wide variety of applications from industrial to retail areas. We also produce manual swing gates in a variety of sizes.


Bicycle Shelters

We design and manufacture bicycle shelters an assortment of different designs and configurations to suit your requirements. Our bicycle shelters range includes:

  • Free standing shelters
  • Open sided shelters
  • Enclosed shelters
  • Secure shelters
  • Secure compounds
  • Shelters with or without integral stands
  • Extension bays for larger quantities of bikes
Bicycle Shelters

Bicycle Lockers

We manufacture strong and secure bicycle lockers. Our bicycle lockers are available in a variety of designs and configurations. Our lockers include:

  • Fully clad lockers
  • Mesh lockers
  • Vertical lockers
  • Multiple bike lockers
Bicycle Lockers

Walkways, Canopies and Shelters

Our walkways, canopies and shelters are all manufactured with mild steel frames and solid construction, making them suitable for a variety of applications. We manufacture smoking shelters with 50 percent clad making them compliant with UK legislation. All walkways, canopies and shelters are standard main bays with extension bays available.

They include:

  • Covers walkways
  • Door canopies
  • Teenage/youth shelters
  • Smoking shelters
  • Waiting shelters
Walkways, Canopies and Shelters

Car Park Safety Equipment

We supply car park safety equipment for controlling vehicle access and usage of car parks and entrance roads. Our car park safety equipment is suitable for a variety of applications, with many components designed to be used in conjunction with each other to provide full car park facilities.

Our products include:

  • Speed ramps
  • One way flow plates
  • Height restrictors
  • Perimeter barriers
  • Safety barriers
  • Column and corner protection barriers
  • Trolley bays
  • Trolley shelters
Car Park Safety Equipment

Warehouse Safety Equipment

We supply high quality warehouse safety equipment suitable for a variety of internal and external applications. Our warehouse safety equipment includes:

  • Safety barriers
  • Column and corner protectors
  • Low level protection rails
  • Hooped perimeter barriers
Warehouse Safety Equipment

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