AV Engineering Services Ltd


AV Engineering Services is at the cutting edge of plastics pressure forming, we use techniques that can replace the high costs of tooling for injection moulding.

Since 1975 we have been producing high quality products for a range of industries and manufacturers worldwide. As an engineering based company we are able to offer our customers a complete manufacturing service.

Vacuum Forming

High-definition Forming

  • High-definition forming produces a highly detailed product
  • Economical approach to producing low to medium volumes
  • Reproducibility
  • Consistency of end products
  • Low tool (mould) costs
  • Textures/embossing/logos/negative returns
  • In mould labelling
  • In mould fitting of threaded inserts


Inhouse Mould Making

AV Engineering's in-house tool making offers:

  • Better control
  • Quality
  • Cost and scheduling allows undercuts
  • Logos, texturing, label recesses and other detail to be incorporated


Block models can be machined in modelling board or foam directly from CAD modelling data to give a three-dimensional visual appearance using our high speed 5-axis routers.

3D Scanning

We are able to offer a three-dimensional laser scanning facility with software know-how to convert scanning data into full-surface models.


AV Engineering Services Ltd are able to offer cutting, bending, bonding, sub and full assemblies, boxed and labelled as required.

Subcontract Machining

Our 5-axis CNC machines allow us to offer a sub-contract machining and trimming service, on non ferrous materials, directly plotted from computer-generated surfaces or shapes, with high accuracy. We can machine from one off prototypes up to full production runs.

Test Facilities

Quality control is an ethos with all staff at AV Engineering. We are Quality Management approved and certified to BS EN ISO 9001, AV Engineering has the competences to meet the highest standards and maintain your own ISO 9001 accreditation.

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