AVA have been specifying and producing anti-vibration mount solutions for 70 years. No-one understands the complexities of anti-vibration technologies or materials better. Mountings are manufactured from high grade rubber compounds specially developed to offer excellent mechanical properties and extended service life. 

World wide reputation in vibration control, used in all spheres of technology isolating vibration, protecting equipment. Many different designs suiting variety of applications. Each design provides for a number of load carrying capacities.

Anti Vibration Mountings Technical Support

Range covers many different designs suiting a variety of applications. Each design provides for a number of load carrying capacities. Advice on the most suitable mountings for a specific application obtainable from our technical department.

Anti Vibration Mountings Technical Support

Anti Vibration Mountings Products

We manufacture rubber bonded-to-metal products to customers specific requirements.

Painstaking in our selection of metal, rubber and bonding materials, meticulous in our preparation of the bonded surfaces and the bonding process. The result is a totally reliable mounting.

Anti Vibration Mountings Products

Anti Vibration Product Selection

Having established  the deflection requirements for your application it may  not be easy to  decide which of the many different  types of  mounting will  be most suited to the application in question.   Mountings of different size and type together in the same installation is not recommended, please call us on 01252 733 040 to discuss or click and leave us your contact details. 
Anti Vibration Product Selection

Rubber Mounts

We specialise in the supply of rubber mounts including synthetic rubbers made of polymers and co-polymers of organic compounds. Our full range of bespoke rubber mounts can be manufactured to suit your specific applications. We currently supply rubber mounts to a wide range of industries including:

  • Military
  • Energy
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
Rubber Mounts

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