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At AVISO we understand that gaining certification to an ISO Standard may have been taken out of your hands. It is more often due to pressure from customers and tender opportunities than the potential benefits that a well implemented system can achieve.
However, at AVISO, we have shown that a management system tailored to your individual goals and objectives can be more than just a certificate and will bring about truly positive improvements for your company.

Historically, certification of a Management Systems has been associated with increased bureaucracy and, potentially, little in the way of return. However, at AVISO, our experience will ensure paperwork is kept to a minimum whilst helping you develop efficient processes that are clearly understood and communicated across your business.

At AVISO we have worked with universities, accredited certification bodies and many companies to develop a comprehensive understanding, not only of the motivations, but also the potential stumbling blocks to successful certification. As such we are uniquely positioned to offer and deliver the most meaningful advice in a way that best suits you.

AVISO has been set up by Paul Stevens to offer a consultancy with a new perspective; focus is given to realising the best from the Standard for the individual, and not making the individual fit the standard.

Paul has worked with ISO Standards for over five years and has a PhD in the motivations for undertaking certification, as well as the perceived and actual hurdles to the successful implementation and management of these Standards. Prior to this, he worked with consultancies, and independently, to successfully support a wide variety of companies in gaining certification to multiple ISO Standards.

Becoming certified to any ISO Standard with AVISO will ensure the process is a valuable one that adds real value to your business. We will ensure that the benefits are not just limited to the minimum level but that internal, external and legislative goals are achieved.

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What we Do

Specialists in the implementation and management of bespoke management systems and sustainable development

At AVISO we have extensive experience working among ISO Standards and sustainable development. We have worked with universities, accredited certification bodies and many companies to develop a comprehensive understanding of these standards and systems.
Helping you better understand:

What is ISO 14001: The Environmental Management System
What is ISO 9001: The Quality Management System
What is ISO 50001: The Energy Management System
What is PAS 99: The Integrated Management System
What is BS 8900: Managing Sustainable Development

What we Do

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