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For over 25 years we've been providing Generator & UPS solutions for mission critical services & systems. Since our founding in 1989, AVK have had continued steady and consistent growth, not only in size, but also our reputation - We are trusted by many of the UK's largest Blue Chip companies to design, install and maintain 100% power integrity to guarantee their operations when mains power fails.

AVK has a unique capability for design, manufacture, installation and on-going maintenance of standby power systems containing UPS systems and standby diesel generators. We provide expertise in the design, planning and implementation of power systems projects in all major market sectors ranging from Data Centres, Banking & Finance and Telecommunications through


For mission-critical systems and facilities where 100% power is vital for 100% of the time, a backup generator power system essential to the continuous power delivery during times of mains power failure or outages.

Where a UPS system will protect power to your critical system, for a short period dependant on battery autonomy, a standby generator will, when longer outages occur, protect your equipment for much longer periods of time from hours to days or even weeks dependent on fuel storage.

UPS Systems

Mission-critical systems and facilities rely on uninterrupted power - even a small power outage can have disastrous consequences. AVK UPS Systems provide power protection during shorter periods of mains power failure, becoming a critical bridge between your main power source and backup generator system.

Where a standby generator will take over and protect the load for longer durations of time, a UPS system acts as the first line of defence against loss of power because it is able to react instantly to outages whereas generators need several seconds of time to come 'online' leaving a critical power 'gap', which a UPS system effectively bridges.

Service and Maintenance

UPS & Generators are sophisticated & high value pieces of equipment - our nationwide service team are available 365 days a year, anytime of the day or night to ensure your investment, & your business can continue to work


We offer full design & consultancy for your critical power system project - no matter the scale or how challenging. We can design any system containing UPS systems, standby generators, switchgear & control systems around your requirements, in the present and for the future.

Our project management team facilitate a smooth and pain-free installation liaising closely with you & your representatives. We provide full onsite services from offload & position to electrical and mechanical engineering to commissioning and handover to you, or your client.

Diesel generator design

UK Leaders in standby diesel generator design.

Diesel Generator

Class leading diesel generator solutions for mission-critical services - Data Centres, Hospitals & Telecommunications.

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