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Our top of the range aluminium rolling electric garage door options are manufactured using coated, foam-filled, roll-formed aluminium.

If you are looking for an electric garage door with the combination of the convenience of operational power and the benefit of smooth, vertical opening capabilities, we have the range for you.

Roller Shutter Doors

We supply a wide variety of hard-wearing, versatile and impeccably designed roller shutter doors.

Our roller shutter doors are manufactured to withstand the toughest conditions and environments and provide ease of operation alongside high reliability.

Insulated Overhead Doors

Our range of insulated overhead doors are easy on the eye, have high energy efficiency, and are manufactured to be durable.

The selection of insulated overhead doors are manufactured with high-density polyurethane, foam-filled sections and full perimeter seals.

Rolling Fire Shutters

Our professionally manufactured rolling fire shutters are the perfect choice for a number of commercial and industrial requirements where the chance of fire spreading needs to be accounted for.

These rolling fire shutters are manufactured from the highest grade materials with safety and durability in mind. They are designed and then tested against all of the necessary requirements such as the Fire Insurer's Research and Testing Organisation (FIRTO).

Folding Shutter Doors

Our range of folding shutter doors is ideal for openings suitable for a mixture of pedestrian and vehicle uses.

Our folding shutter doors have a clean and presentable appearance. They offer the benefit of easy and smooth operation and good accessibility with the door being folded to the side when open.

High Speed Doors

Manufactured and designed for applications where constant and rapid use is required, our high speed doors have an operational speed of one metre per second.

With our high speed doors, energy costs are kept at a minimum and they create improved working conditions and productivity rates due to increased traffic flow capabilities. They help in reduction of draughts and low temperatures.

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