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Avonwood specialise in RFID Solutions and Data Capture Systems offering identification technology integration, RFID system design and RFID product manufacture. Avonwood supply both active and passive RFID solutions.

Based in the UK, Avonwood have been established for nearly 20 years providing RFID Solutions and Data Capture Systems under the brand name Eureka®.

Avonwood’s experience and capabilities enables the delivery of complete solutions from concept and design to manufacture and integration. Avonwood have worked on a wide range of RFID and Data Capture applications providing solutions for vehicles, assets, personnel and process control.

Avonwood industry sectors include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Leisure
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Security
  • Aerospace

RFID Products

The Eureka® range of active RFID tagging systems was first on the market in the early 1980’s, since then Avonwood's product range has grown to include both passive RFID and active RFID.

RFID Product Range Includes:

  • RFID Readers
  • RFID Modules
  • Active Tags
  • Passive Tags
  • UHF Metal Mount Tags
  • LF (Low Frequency) 125kHz RFID Systems
  • HF (High Frequency) 13.56MHz RFID Systems
  • UHF (Ultra High Frequency) 868MHz RFID Systems
  • Active Tagging Systems
  • Hand Held Readers
RFID Products

Delivering Complete Solutions

Avonwood specialise in complete identification solutions from concept and design to manufacture and integration.

Avonwood’s RFID and Data Capture capabilities and experience ensures the right solution for a customer’s identification and management requirements.

For further information please contact us on 01202 868000 or visit www.avonwood.co.uk and use our Online Enquiry Form.

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