Vortex flow control

AVT Ltd have created a new Vortex flow control product that is an excellent alternative to the Hydrobrake™ system. The Vortex flow control system controls the rate at which water enters downstream drainage systems. The Vortex is generated by the energy from the flow of water so there are no external energy needs.

AVT Ltd's Vortex flow control system has superior hydraulic performance compared to other leading industry brands. Risks of blockage are minimised by an outlet diameter of 400%. The Vortex flow control system has a unique bypass release mechanism which gives easy operation from ground level and downstream access for maintenance.

The vortex flow control is perfect surface water runoff control for land drainage, industrial and infrastructure developments and housing.

Stormwater Attenuation

Stormwater Attenuation

We have a range of cost effective Stormwater Attenuation that suit specific needs of our customers.

The models can be customised to feature:

  • A mounting plate that removes the otherwise essential in-situ concrete mounting block 
  • We can add our in-built overflow system to avoid having to construct your own
  • Sectionalised components to retro-fit larger units into existing chambers
  • Vortex inhibitor significantly increases the control for an increase in head

Our systems are simple to fit and there is an installation guide free with all of our products.

Stormwater Attenuation

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