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We offer pipe vibration assessment and tests in accordance to the latest guidelines as outlined by the Energy Institute (ISBN 978 0 85293 453 1).

Pipe vibration testing is vitally important to reduce the loss of containment from vibration-induced fatigue. The professional pipe vibration assessment we carry out will minimise plant down time, reduce leakages and improve reliability.

Structural Monitoring

Our structural monitoring services provide you with essential data to aid you on further decisions. Structural monitoring can greatly extend the structures or machines life and result in an overall cost reduction.

It also offers component lifetime management and guaranteeing performance.

Structural Monitoring


Silo-Weigh is an exclusive and cost-effective technology ideal for high-capacity weighing. Where standard loads cells are not possible or too costly, then Silo-Weigh can benefit you.

It is adapted for steel and concrete silos with a range of options from skirt and leg supports to low strain techniques.

Lubrication Management

Our lubrication management aims to reduce the total cost of ownership through our diverse experiences and expertise. Our lubrication management services will greatly reduce your chemical and lubricant usage, lower your costs of lubricants, and increase productivity.

We can also help you manage waste more effectively and ensure compliance with all key areas of guidelines such as COSHH.

Lubrication Management


Our range of accelerometers and AC vibration sensors are perfect for general purpose.

Our accelerometers have a low weight density, a sensitivity of 100mV/g and have a top cable entry.

Vibration Monitoring

Our quality vibration monitoring services can help you dramatically save cost and increase productivity.

We have over 30 years of experience in vibration monitoring and offer a complex and routine service, we provide data analysis, capture and diagnosis and can partner with you to provide many other benefits.

Vibration Monitoring

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