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Hydrovane – simply a far better way of compressing air so why buy anything else?

Unlike other types of compressors, Hydrovane’s produce air using a rotor within a cylindrical housing which offers many advantages including very quiet and reliable operation (10 Year Manufacturers Warranty). You get smooth pulse free air from a Hydrovane in contrast to other compressors so you do not need an air receiver, saving on 'Pressure System Safety Regulation 2000' compliance costs. Hydrovane’s are also vibration free with white metal bushes in place of contact bearings to avoid major expense on overhauls in years to come. These stylish, quiet, powerful and remarkably robust units are designed and engineered to very stringent specifications (including 100% duty) and are suitable for all industrial application with a need for quiet, high quality and dependable air supply.

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Hydrovane Energy Savings

Compressed air energy costs & the Climate Change Levy

Energy efficiency initiates have now become commonplace throughout UK processing and manufacturing industry, but it is still a little known fact that over 10 years the actual estimated average cost of compressed air is a staggering 75% energy (i.e. 15% capital, 10% maintenance). This is fundamentally because most existing air compressors are fixed speed machines operating inefficiently at only 40% to 70% of their full load capacity. The introduction of the Climate Change Levy (0.43p/kWh) in 2001 to combat Global Warming has also increased business electricity costs by 15-20%, making any possibility of substantial energy savings an even higher priority for business.

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Hydrovane Services

Servicing based on actual running time

Unlike some companies who service at arbitrary intervals unrelated to compressor duty, we base our service schedule on monitoring the running hours. This sensible approach gives the equipment the right attention at the correct time and avoids unnecessary and expensive over servicing. To avoid critical down-time we offer a mobile compressor at no extra cost.

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Hydrovane Installations


Whether you are simply re-locating your existing equipment to new premises, buying a new compressor and accompanying ring main distribution system, or just modifying your existing arrangements, we can offer a cost effective solution precisely tailored to your requirements and in full compliance with all current Regulations. Compressed air installations have traditionally been undertaken using screwed galvanized steel pipe which is prone to rust, but we now offer the advanced ‘Infinity’ aluminum quick fit system which offers numerous advantages including low cost installation and higher flow rate performance when compared to steel (i.e. 32mm diameter aluminum against 60mm/2" bsp steel).

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Compressed Air Dryers

Keeping the air dry

Compressed air contains water vapour which condenses as it cools, causing corrosion and damage to equipment using the air. The only way to completely protect your equipment is to use a dryer. Hydrovane compressors come with optional built in dryers, or we can supply/install stand alone dryers to compliment your existing equipment. Refrigerant air dryers are the most popular low cost solution or Desiccant dryers can be used for exposed outside locations or sensitive applications such as medical air.

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Compressor Air Filtration

Avoid extra filtration

Our range of Hydrovane compressors have the lowest oil carry over of any lubricated compressor on the market, so supplementary filtration for general applications such as workshop air can often be avoided. Where a higher degree of air quality is required we can install various stages of dirt, oil and vapour removing filters to produce clean air to any standard for any application. Our filter housings are designed to reduce pressure drop and offer longer filter life, with quick and easy element change over.

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Condensate Management

Condensate management

The oil and water mixture that results from air compressor operation contains particulates and hydrocarbons which are concentrated during the compression process. Collecting and storing large volumes of contaminated condensate can be avoided by using a condensate management system from A W Phillips Ltd. By separating and removing the oil, the water can simply be discharged into a drain leaving the remaining waste oil for collection during the course or routine compressor maintenance.
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Hydrovane Parts and Kits

CompAir Hydrovane & Broomwade service kits

We offer the entire range of genuine CompAir Hydrovane & Broomwade service kits, parts and oil to any air house, or end user doing their own in house servicing and repairs. We can supply on an emergency next day delivery service direct from the manufacturers and offer a discount on UK List Price subject to order value.

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