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Axair Fans offer a wide range of centrifugal fans, including single and double inlet, forward curved or backward curved impellers in metal construction, with standard IEC motor or external rotor motor, backward curved single inlet Electronically Communtated EC, single inlet forward curved centrifugal fan made of corrosion resistant polypropylebne, backward curved motorised impellers in AC, DC or EC. Axair also offers a range of in-line duct fans with backward curved centrifugal motorised impeller, in plastic construction for circular ducting, or in large metal modules for air handling and extraction.

Centrifugal fans we stock include:

Axial fans

Axair Fans offers a wide range of axial fans of varying sizes and diameters, including Compact frame axial fans for electronic cooling, AC fans or DC fans, External rotor motor axial fans, plate mounted axial fans, basket guard mounted axial fans, flat guard mounted axial fans, cased axial fans, High power axial fans, IP65 axial fans, sickle blade axial fans, energy efficient EC axial fans.

Axial fans we stock include:

Specialised fan products

Axair Fans offers the ETRI range of axial and centrifugal fans which are built for the defence, aerospace and military sector, including high performance, 400Hz, High temperature. Axair can also offer special fans from other suppliers designed for specific applications, such as material handling, railway spec, high IP rating. Standard fans can also be customised or adapted to suit the customer's application.

Specialist fan products we stock are:

Thermal management products

The range of thermal management accessories from Axair Fans is specially designed for the electrical and electronic enclosure and control panel industry. It includes a vast choice of door mounted fan filter units IP54 or IP55, roof mounted fans, heaters, thermostats and lights.

Thermal management products we stock are:

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