Axis-Shield Diagnostics Ltd

Axis-Shield is an innovative company focused on the development and manufacture of important in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests for use in clinical laboratories.

We specialise in proprietary markers for the early diagnosis and management of critical illnesses such as Homocysteine for cardiovascular disease, Active-B12  for the assessment of Vitamin B12 deficiency, Anti-CCP for rheumatoid arthritis and Heparin Binding Protein for severe sepsis prognosis. We are playing an increasingly leading role in the fight against the global diabetes epidemic, and the need to keep tight control over blood glucose levels to avoid serious clinical sequelae.

We have a special skill in adapting our markers to the automated analyser systems of the global IVD companies which dominate the hospital laboratory sector.

We firmly believe that our products provide clinicians and other healthcare professionals with tools to deliver better patient care.

Axis-Shield Diagnostics Ltd Overview