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Here at Axium Process, our hygienic stainless steel fabrication service includes comprehensive project management and component customisation. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding hygienic stainless steel fabrication engineering and professional services.

We provide first-class services including:

  • In house machining , fabrication and polishing
  • Orbital and manual welding
  • Surface finishes

Membrane Filtration For The Treatment of Effluent

Axium Process designs and builds bespoke membrane filtration systems that are providing manufacturers with significant cost savings by reducing effluent volumes and disposal costs as well as recovering up to 95% pure water that can be reused in the process itself or for general cleaning duties depending upon the application.

Membrane filtration as a treatment for effluent is now being successfully used across a wide spectrum of industries as the technology can deliver a stable operation with consistent performance;  key requirements for factories intent on a secure 24/7 operation.  Where space is at a premium, manufacturers will also be interested to know that membrane systems only require a small footprint, can be easily scaled up at relatively low cost and have the potential for an almost closed loop operation.

Membrane Filtration For The Treatment of Effluent

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